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Jade Empire Special Edition for iOS has Released

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Posted 06 October 2016 - 08:19 AM

It is on the App Store now but thanks to Apple's fabulous efforts in app discovery if you try to search for Jade Empire all you get is some gamepro iOS hint book... If you search for Aspyr, you can find it that way. Wow. No wonder developers complain about this. I find it painful as a user at times also. Anyway, enough complaining! The Touch Arcade review just posted is very positive overall, it supports controllers (yay!) and got 4.5 stars with them I think it was.

So, I just wanted to share that bit of good news. The game is selling for $9.99 USD presently.

Quality games without IAPs, yes please! Aspyr can now have all their attaboys back since they delivered the goods and good they are said to be. It's a great game if you never played it. It has a steamlined ARPG feel and is quite linear but driven along by a good story with some memorable moments,  a wonderfully different world to experience and the voice acting and music are quite good too. The combat I would agree with Touch Arcade, being their first foray into a more action kind of title, is a little rough around the edges but certainly not difficult and I found it pretty fun. There is a good guy and bad guy path through the game which is short for an RPG but I thought that was fine. It never drags and does not overstay its welcome. I think it took me around 20 hours to finish it but I am slow and meander around, read everything, etc. so someone else could probably blaze through in around 15 hours I guess which was the number Touch Arcade put it at. The bad guy path really is not a bad guy, both are basically good but with differing approaches to accomplishing things with what I called the bad guy being more of a tough guy who is not particularly sympathetic whereas the path I took featured Mr. Nice Guy of course because that is so me. :)
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