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#369090 Star Wars Battlefront on Intel MAC with 10.5.2

Posted by z1ross on 09 March 2009 - 03:46 PM in Mac Action & Shooters

View PostTravois, on January 26th 2009, 11:04 PM, said:

I had the same problem where the patch from the Aspyr website would not install, it kept getting stuck on the DS_store.  I found another link to a similar patch and this one works!  

Three Hazaa's for Travois!!!
:) :) :) :) :)
Many thank yous Travois! Where did you find that Updated 1.2A installer?

I just did a clean install of the DVD game to my Games folder and then downloaded this "Other" Patch and it worked properly and Now I'm able to play the game for the first time on my MAC Pro (2x2.8Ghz Quad core Zeons) with Leopard 10.5.6

I can play it but items like graphics resolutions are limited to 1280 x 960, but it plays perfectly!

#348672 Doom 3 Surround Sound

Posted by z1ross on 29 May 2008 - 03:44 AM in Mac Action & Shooters

Quoted from Wikipedia
Dolby Digital Live

Dolby Digital Live (DDL) is a real-time encoding technology for interactive media such as video games. It converts any audio signals on a PC or game console into the 5.1-channel Dolby Digital format and transports it via a single S/PDIF cable.[1] A similar technology known as DTS Connect is available from competitor DTS.

Dolby Digital Live is currently available in sound cards from manufacturers such as Turtle Beach[2], HT OMEGA SYSTEM[3], Auzentech[4] and Asus[5] using C-Media chipsets. The SoundStorm, used for the Xbox game console and certain nForce2-based PCs, used an early form of this technology.

DDL is also available on motherboards with codecs such as Realtek's ALC882D,[6] ALC888DD and ALC888H.

DDL is also supported by all Creative X-Fi based sound cards, but is intentionally disabled in the drivers by Creative on all but the Auzentech Prelude. A programmer by the name daniel_k has fixed these drivers in Windows Vista by un-crippling DDL and fixing other bugs and has subsequently been censored and censured by Creative for doing so. [7]

An important benefit of this technology is that it enables the use of digital multichannel sound with consumer sound cards, which are otherwise limited to PCM stereo or multichannel analog.

And with that, I whole heartedly agree Prologic sounds like dirt :bleedingeyes:  when one has heard true 6ch+ surround sound. :lol:

And yes if a company wanted to output a DDL dongle for OSX I would love it and I'm surprized that the current macs don't already have DDL added as it's only one small chip on the MB and a small amount of software to get it working in core audio. This would be a Huge push in the right direction.

I'm also testing Doom3 playing all the way through from beginning to end with Surround sound to see how well it works. :unsure:

And for those of you interested there are 2 Harmony Audio devices for sale on ebay right now. for those who play games in boot camp, Miglia also has downloadable Windows XP drivers for it so it can still be used in Windows. I'm not sure how well it works, but I'm planning on testing that within the next 2 weeks.

#348568 Doom 3 Surround Sound

Posted by z1ross on 28 May 2008 - 09:33 AM in Mac Action & Shooters

View PostCobra, on May 28th 2008, 12:49 AM, said:

I can't even enable surround with the 1.3.1 patch. Not with my surround system hooked up to it anyway. Detach my surround system and go back to the built-in speakers of my iMac and I can, so go figure  :wacko:

Yes Technicaly, it's just software with a little bit hardware to make it hugely less CPU intensive, and I agree DDL encoding would make everyones day. It would be nice if in the "Audio Midi Setup" app you could set the Built-in Digital output Speaker configuration to 5.1speakes, but its greyed out.

Ok in the PC world there were only a few cards that licensed the DDL encoding on the fly. None of these are SoundBlaster cards, as they want you buy PC surround speakers from them.
(None of them Creative Labs cards, but most of them can do it as a Kid out there reworked the Drivers and has produced the only set of fully working Sound Blaster drivers for Vista  with DDL encoding enabled, Ignoring the DDL part,  Creative still hasn't produced Stable drivers with everything working for Vista).

Currently in the Mac world you have to have analog signals out for OpenAL surround sound as OpenAL doesn't do DDL encoding (but it shouldn't because its written to be multi-platform (windows, mac, linux, unix....)). Like I said in my earlier post, an external Soundcard with hardware support for DDL encoding from 6ch output from OpenAL would be Awesome! (now that I've simplified wat this needs to be we need someone to make it!!!)

So Corba & Eric5h5,
    Hello and what Hardware are you using to get the Analog Surround signals to your speaker set? All current Macs only have 2ch analog outputs and you need at least 6ch for 5.1 sound. Have you set the specific device in the "Audio Midi Setup" app to be configured as 5.1 surround sound speaker setup? Then you also need to have the device be the default Audio output in the "Output" section of the System Preferences > Sound settings > Output(tab).  

     Yes the OpenGL support for Doom3 is a little buggy (There is no center channel on my system with either the Firewave or HarmonyAudio devices) but I do get 4.1 surround sound that works great and actually scared me when I first got it working as the rear channels do have Full audio spectrum out. I can hear doors close behind me as well as zombies walking up behind me or from either side. If I walk in front of one of the security escort bots, I can here it behind me and if it turns and gos to the left or right the sound also fades out to the appropriate direction.  

Here is link to a Awesome little Free program from RogueAmoeba in there Freebies section that makes changing your audio sources and configs REALLY easy it's called "SoundSource". Its a great app if you have more then one active output available on you Mac (like the pro has Optical out, Lineout, & in my case also HarmonyAudio out. My laptop has the line out, which autoswitched to optical out when the right cable is used and firewave out when its docked.) Check it out as it stands on its own two feet. It also does the same for inputs including letting you adjust levels without ever leaving the app your in.

#348541 Doom 3 Surround Sound

Posted by z1ross on 28 May 2008 - 12:50 AM in Mac Action & Shooters

View Postbobbob, on May 26th 2008, 01:33 PM, said:

With DDL? No? Then that hardware is useless for games.
Software support for DDL? Dolby doesn't seem like the type to allow a patent license for that. Well, for all I know half the implementations out there use one, but Apple of course doesn't and Dolby probably wouldn't license a third party to make some software that works with just any unlicensed hardware.

OK Windows Gamers have delt with this for several years now!! There are no games that do DOLBY Digital on the fly encoding to direct output optically 5.1, 6.1 or 7.1 surround sound. Output of this type is very CPU intensive and not fast enough for most current systems to perform on the fly with everything else going on like reverb effects, echo, positional calculations, as well as all the video assist. The xbox360 and PS3 have dedicated encoding hardware licensed from Dolby to do this task which has spoiled people when setting up surround sound. PCs that do Surround sound gaming are using Analog signals to the speaker systems to do this. Most Surround sound setups on a PC use three 3mm Stereo speaker wires (The same thing as connecting a 2.1 speaker system but there is 3 wires). These wires have the following signals on them:

Wire #1 = Left & Right Front Speakers
Wire #2 = Left & Right Rear Speakers
Wire #3 = Center & Subwoofer Speakers
Wire #4 = Left & Right Side Speakers (for a 7.1 system, There are also other setups available for 7.1)

What some of the games do support for surround sound is Dolby Pro Logic I & II. This encodes secondary analog signals across a 2ch (left&right) output to be decoded by a decoder. This does work in real time with a Optical or coax connection. You just have to set the speakers module to ProLogic mode to get the sound. It is surround sound but not anywhere near what you get with true 6ch-8ch output, as the range os sound is limited and partial.

Examples of surround sound can currently be played with best on Leopard with World of Warcraft. I was playing using the Dolby Pro Logic decoding with the optical out from my MacPro and my MacBookPro for the last 1.5years. It sounded good and was nice. Then last week I decided to give another firewire sound card a try (the HarmonyAudio) and I still didn't get true 6ch out to my speakers. It was when I was doing research on the HarmonyAudio that I found out about the "Audio Midi Setup" application within leopard and how to tell Apples Core audio that the sound device actually has 6,7 or 8 channel output active. Once Apples Core audio was in sync with the analog outputs everything started to work PERFECTLY! I showed a few of my fellow WOW players over the weekend in person the new sound setup and they just drooled in envy. I've been a PC gamer for over a decade and started getting into macs for photography about 3 years ago, and it was only 2mo ago that my Gaming PC was finally retired and turned into a linux server. I have to honestly say that the surround sound from WOW over OpenAL using a true 6ch output, beats the pants off the X-fi Gamer, Audigy 2zs Plat Pro, Audigy 2, Audigy & live 5.1 cards using EAX. Yes I've owned them all....talk about money wasted...lol.

Now if a company would create a device for a MAC or PC that would have 6-8ch in hardware (That Apples Core Audio would see and let you configure) and encode them on the fly into a formatted Dolby Digital stream, That would would be a totally awesome device & give the MAC a much needed step in the right direction for gaming. Right now any programs that have the ability to encode in Dolby Digital (not prologic), do not do it in real time, and cost a good amount of money.

     We need Apple to fix a few bugs in OpenAL to handle errors caused by games written to use OpenAL 1.0.   And a few Game makers to fix a few bugs in their games using code for using OpenAL that don't properly handle errors from hardware setup to output sound at a higher quality then what the game is offering (example, 5.1 surround sound on Prey & Quake4, if your OpenAL complient device outputs in 24bit or higher sampling rate, the game crashes on load, if the device can be setup in 16bit sampling then they work properly for a 5.1ch output. These same games work fine in a 2ch configuration from 16 or 24bit outputs and don't crash. So something isn't handling the a error that is returned to the game in surround sound modes, but it is OK in 2ch modes.

#348323 Just got ControllerMate

Posted by z1ross on 26 May 2008 - 12:08 AM in General

Well I've got a Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro USB that is recognized properly with no special software and I've configured it to work with Vendetta Online with no issues at all. Also thanks to Colin Munro's awesome Xbox360 MAC driver / control panel which supports the Xbox360 USB controls and Wireless Controls (using the Windows wireless USB adaper). I've configured them to work with games like Wingnuts2 and a few others.

#348322 Doom 3 Surround Sound

Posted by z1ross on 25 May 2008 - 11:47 PM in Mac Action & Shooters

Hello All,
       I got Doom 3 working in a  4.1 environment (center channel just doesn't seem to work). I've tested this with the following hardware on my 2.8Ghz Octacore MacPro and my 17" MBP.

Running Leopard 10.52

Sound Hardware tested:
1. Griffin Firewave (in 5.1 Channel mode)
2. Miglia Harmony Audio (in 5.1 Channel mode)

1. Firewave software is not needed for Leopard to work with Firewave.
2. Must use Apples "Audio Midi setup" application to set up either of these cards in a 5.1 speaker surround setup.

Speaker sets tested:
1. Logitech Z5500 (connected via 6ch direct)
2. Logitech Z5450 (connected via 6ch direct)

The Note #2 above is critical to the whole surround sound within Apples Core Audio. Setting this fixed the surround sound in World of Warcraft, Doom 3, and Jedi Knight Academy . I've been playing around with surround sound on many of the other games, As it turns out the default core audio output for surround sound is 24bit. Quake 4 & Prey both have errors in their OpenAL surround sound processing that causes them to crash when sending sound to a device that outputs 24bit 6ch sound. Quake4 & Prey handle 24bit 2ch OpenAL sound without a problem. So this is a simple processing glitch which Apple could add a fix to Core Audio for or the Game programers could simply fix this in their code. ID Software should have picked up on this like many months ago and released a MAC patch to correct this issue in the Audio library within Quake4.app.

Here's to Better Gaming on Macs!