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Cataloguing software on old Inside Mac Games CDs?

30 January 2020 - 04:34 PM

Does anyone who had a subscription to the CDs remember what the software (app) was that could be used to read the included catalog of all the CDs released so far (and/or the company that made it?

I have forgotten the name of the software although I remember that I bought it to use to catalog all of my CDs, floppies, Jazz drives, etc. -- and I can't find the package where I stored my old Inside Mac Games CDs (and my old Mac running OS 9 stopped working :( so I can't check the HD for it).

This was a long time ago (I think before Mac OS X) when Inside Mac Games would send out a CD with Mac game demos, freeware, updates, and stuff to people who subscribed to these CDs.

Also, does anyone use something similar that works on a Mac (just in case that company no longer updates/makes the app .

Thanks for any info.