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In Topic: Derpin'

18 December 2017 - 08:55 AM

As a late comer to this thread:
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In Topic: iMac Pro lands 14 Dec

15 December 2017 - 08:21 AM

As long as stuff isn't soldered on and you have some way of getting to it, I would consider it upgradable. Huge pain in the ass, but still upgradable.

In Topic: Forget EA and Bungie, this is the most amazing post-launch thing I've see...

14 December 2017 - 01:35 PM

Time to buy Ghost Recon Wildlands

In Topic: iMac Pro lands 14 Dec

13 December 2017 - 05:42 PM

It's actually pretty much price comparable with doing a custom build PC: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/2V9j3F

Keep in mind that the $4000 for that custom build doesn't include a 5K display with P3 colour, which is going to add at least another $1000. Obviously you can shave some dollars off of the price with a non-workstation GPU, but as the iMac Pro is a workstation computers, it kind of needs the workstation GPU in order to be certified for various pro applications.

In Topic: Bungie Caught With Their Pants Down by Destiny 2 Players?

07 December 2017 - 12:25 PM

View PostTetsuya, on 07 December 2017 - 02:15 AM, said:

I guess If you consider the expansion content a Microtransaction, then they locked people out of Heroic Strikes (which are "new" to D2 with this xpac) and out of the raid and Nightfall.. mostly.  You can still do the Nightfall if you were close to the Power cap in the vanilla game.  

The Prestige Nightfall is locked behind the expansion which has rustled some feathers since you have to complete the prestige nightfall in order to get the platinum trophy on PS4 (or perfect gamerscore on Xbox). I don't care much about trophies but I know people who do care a lot about them and it is seriously a dick move by Bungie.

View PostTetsuya, on 07 December 2017 - 02:15 AM, said:

What gear is locked behind microtransactions?  Or are we calling the expansion itself a microtransaction?  Because AFAIK, there's nothing but cosmetics from Eververse.  And i've earned so many of the damn things that every other time i play for any length of time i have to have a 10 minute "dismantle" session to make room, because im at the cap (without ever purchasing any "Silver")

On the topic of how much content there was... yeah, not going to back Bingle on that one.  The campaign is ludicrously short.  Of course i felt the same about the vanilla campaign for D2 - it felt like it needed about six more major missions and some better narrative to show that this "Red War" was actually taking place over several months or more.  

I do dig the Heroic Adventures though.  They are satisfyingly challenging as a solo experience - i actually failed the timer on one (you still get loot, just lower level and only one chest instead of two).  They need to add that feature to the other planets.

I think the main complaints about content being locked behind Eververse is due to them showcasing a lot of gear/emotes in the trailers for the expansion that apparently are only available via Bright Engrams. The gear that is locked behind microtransactions is class items (hunter cloaks, etc.). Those things are just cosmetic, but it's frustrating to players to have those things being marketed as content when in reality they are locked behind either a super long level up grind, or a paywall.

All of that being said, I've been ok with Destiny 2's microtransactions. I think the main reason people are so upset is that Destiny 2 is an inferior game compared to Destiny 1 Year 3, and microtransactions are being used as the scapegoat.