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In Topic: The Secret History of Mac Gaming

04 October 2018 - 01:03 AM

Richard, I've not read it yet, but your Assassin's Creed story looks interesting! That's one of the rare game series I instantly fell in love with when playing the first game.

In Topic: Telltale Games gets negative marks from me

02 October 2018 - 01:24 PM

Well, the games Matt and Thain cited aren't the best Telltale offered I think (except maybe Sam & Max, I didn't play them yet so I can't formulate an opinion). But I enjoyed The Walking Dead and Batman a lot. Also Game of Thrones, Minecraft Story Mode, Tales from the Borderland, The Wolf among Us are very good in my opinion. Granted, they are more interactive movies than traditional games per se, but there's nothing wrong with that. I've just started playing Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

In Topic: Telltale Games gets negative marks from me

30 September 2018 - 02:00 PM

I'm reviving this old thread instead of creating a new one.

So it seems Telltale is on the verge of bankruptcy, as you can see in this article. I was shocked that an apparently successful company, having released so many games in a few years, many being great IMHO, was probably bleeding money all over the place, grew too fast and was clearly mismanaged. That sucks.

In Topic: Answer questions for the Feral newsletter!

23 August 2018 - 09:43 AM

Old: Unreal (the very first one, not Tournament), on Mac OS
Newer: currently it would be Deus Ex Human Revolution and Mankind Divided, on Steam

In Topic: Apple CPUs to Replace Intel in Macs?

20 August 2018 - 01:02 AM

View PostDirtyHarry50, on 19 August 2018 - 09:58 PM, said:

Presently, nothing Apple is doing with ARM in a Mac is performance intensive as far as I know. I think they use it for the strip of questionable utility on some MacBook Pros if I recall correctly. I can't remember if it's used in any other models but I am thinking maybe not presently.

The 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro have the T1 chip. Quote from Wikipedia: "The Apple T1 chip is an ARMv7 SoC from Apple driving the System Management Controller (SMC) and Touch ID sensor of the 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.[90] In addition to the traditional tasks of the SMC, this chip operates as a secure enclave for the processing and encryption of fingerprints as well as acting as a gatekeeper to the microphone and FaceTime HD camera protecting these possible targets from potential hacking attempts."

The 2018 MacBook Pro, as well as the iMac Pro, have the T2 chip which handles more tasks: "It serves as a secure enclave for encrypted keys, gives users the ability to lock down the computer's boot process, handles system functions like the camera and audio control, and handles on-the-fly encryption and decryption for the solid-state drive.[93][94][95] T2 also delivers "enhanced imaging processing" for the iMac Pro's FaceTime HD camera.".