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18 January 2021 - 11:59 PM

As a counter to that: DF concludes that around a 2080 Super is required to match the PS5's graphics and framerate in AC Valhalla. If you watch this video you'll see that "console settings" that you are so down on can actually be quite high compared to PC.

GN does great work, but I believe that the 1080p 120 fps focus of his video makes the consoles look way worse then what they are. This looks like a case of 3 lazily ported launch games that really were made for last gen consoles and next gen was an afterthought. If testing out the GPU was truly the goal of the video then why not do a 4K/60fps test vs PC, which is much more graphically demanding then 1080p/120fps

Also the quote "Its about a mid to high end gaming PC from five years ago" is just wrong. Nvidia's 10 series wasn't even announced 5 years ago - the 1070 Ti he was using came out Nov 2017 (3.15 years ago). Would love to see him do the same comparison with the 5 year old mid-range PC running COD:ColdWar, AC Valhalla, or WD:Legion vs the PS5/XsX.

EDIT: DF has now uploaded a PC vs PS5 graphics and framerate comparison video for COD Black Ops Cold War

It has a similar conclusion to AC Valhalla where a PC needs around a 2070 Super in order to match the PS5's graphical and framerate output. In regards to what PC settings the PS5 was closest to - it was a mix of medium, high, and ultra which the video goes through in detail.

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10 January 2021 - 07:59 PM

View PostTetsuya, on 08 January 2021 - 05:59 PM, said:

I think this already got mentioned and im sure this post is old... but...

SteamLink is a thing.  The physical hardware is now long in the tooth (as it only supports 1080p/60) and not sold anymore, but Google's new Chromecast + TV dongle (for 50$) supports 4k via the Steamlink app (and is easily the best Streaming TV Dongle available anywhere near that price unless Amazon owns your entire being).  Or there's the nVidia Shield which can use both Steamlink and the nVidia in home streaming to hit 4K/whateveryourTVsupports.  

With all First-party Xbox games also being day-and-date on Windows.... owning an Xbox if you already own a PC seems pointless.  If you want to enjoy it on your couch, you can, easily, Xbox controller and all (i use the Pro v2 Controller, which Steam just updated to allow you to remap the back paddles to unique keybinds instad of just standing in for face buttons).

I explained my reasoning for the Xbox over the PS5 above. Essentially I just found the Xbox to be a vastly better value with gamepass and I have a PS4 Pro that appears to be able to play virtually every Sony exclusive, even upcoming ones like the new God of War and HZD. Eventually I'll probably get a PS5 slim or something.

Steamlink certainly would be a good value if I wanted to just stream my PC games, but I also wanted stuff like 4K HDR support for media (including BluRays), and an actual dedicated game console that doesn't rely on my PC being turned on and logged in to work. Plus I play some games that are console exclusive with friends, such as the NHL games.

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08 January 2021 - 08:54 AM


I take it that for official backwards compatible support for original xbox games as of late, JSRF, Stubbs The Zombie, Otogi, Unreal Championship 1 and Shenmue 2 didn't make the cut? What about King of Fighters 2002/2003? DOA Ultimate?

I don't have experience with those games, but if they were backwards compatible on Xbox One then they will work great on Series S/X as well. I was referring to games that have received an actual Series S/X patch to make then run at better graphics, higher resolution, and/or higher framerate compared to the Xbox One versions of the game. Halo MCC collection for example runs at 4K/60 fps on Xbox One X and 4K/120fps on Series X. Every Xbox One game (includes older titles that are backwards compatible) works as good or better on Series S/X. Some games have received an update to take advantage of the Series S/X additional power - that is what I was referring to.

With the PS5 Sony has made it backwards compatible with all PS4 games, but they have done a poor job at updating at least some of their flagship titles to be optimized for the PS5, in order to give PS5 players a significantly better experience. The Last of Us 2 came out in June 2020 but it has zero PS5 optimization for example (I'm sure Sony is getting ready to sell a PS5 "definitive edition" of the game again for full price - same as what they did with Last of Us 1)

For example, God of War makes you choose between 1080p/60fps or 4K/30fps on PS4 Pro - and the identical options are the only ones available on PS5. People have discovered that if you install the base 1.0 version of the game from the disc that you have an unlocked framerate at 4K, which allows the PS5 to do 4K/60 fps. Unfortunately running this 1.0 version of the game means your save is not compatible and you have to block the internet/updates for the game or else you will lose 60 fps. Just one small example of how trivial it would be for Sony to patch at least an unlocked framerate back into the game and give PS5 players a better experience - but they seem to have no intention of doing so.

The only PS4 exclusive that has been patched for PS5 is Ghost of Tsushima as far as I'm aware. A fantastic game, but kind of disappointing that it is the only one out of Sony's vast library of exclusives

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06 January 2021 - 03:01 PM

I view the Xbox as less of a PC replacement and more as a PC couch companion. The majority of my gaming is done on my PC with keyboard and mouse but sometimes I would just rather be on the main TV screen or perhaps I'm playing a game that lends itself to a console couch experience (Ex: racing games, sports games, puzzle games, etc.). Plus games that are "Play Anywhere" branded (most Microsoft games, plus some 3rd party ones) are cross save between PC and Xbox. So I can play a game on my PC and then move downstairs to the couch and pick up right where I left off.

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06 January 2021 - 11:37 AM

Curious to hear what people think of the next gen consoles.

Personally, I was able to secure a PS5 and played with it for around a month. I eventually decided that there is very little on the system that I actually cared about that was exclusive to the PS5. Demons Souls is the only true flagship PS5 exclusive and its just not a game that interests me. I ended up trading the PS5 for a SeriesX and then using the GamePassUltimate (GPU) conversion loophole to get 3 years of GamePassUltimate for the price of just regular Xbox Live Gold (XLG) (you buy 3x 12month XLG cards, apply them to your account, and then do the $1 GPU trial - which converts your 3 years of XLG into 3 years of GPU. Ends up being $5/month for 3 years of GPU.

This gives access to Xbox Live and Game Pass on console, and Game Pass on PC. Insane value for the money. For the same price on PS5 I could buy 1 year of PS+, Demons Souls, and Spiderman and that would be it. 2 games and a year of online play on PS5 vs hundreds of games and online play for 3 years on Xbox and PC.

For Sony's deep catalogue of exclusives I have a PS4 Pro and it looks like they will continue bringing their big exclusives to PS4 for the near future. God of War Ragnarok and HZD2 both appear to be releasing on PS4 as well. I'll probably upgrade my PS4 Pro to a PS5 in a few years once Sony starts actually releasing true PS5 exclusives.

As a side note about the PS5: I was extremely disappointed in Sony's complete lack of patches for their older games to support the PS5. I was really hoping that God of War, Last of Us 2, and HZD would get 60fps patches but alas, Sony doesn't seem to care about that. Their flagship exclusive released earlier this year (LoU2) has zero benefits to playing on PS5 outside of faster load times.

On the Xbox side, many of their games have received Series X/S patches with Halo MCC, Gear5, Forza, Sea of Thieves, and other games all getting next gen patches.

My PC is hooked up to my 144Hz 1440p Gsync monitor and then my SeriesX is hooked up to my TV for some comfortable gaming on a 65" 4K HDR screen from the couch.