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Yesterday, 09:04 PM

BioShock Infinite. I can't laud the game any more than many reviews have already…but its ending—while a possibility I imagined could play out it wasn't one that I accepted until I watched it play out. I don't think I could have accepted it having played out any other way. I was left feeling like I'd finished a good book.

In Topic: LaCie USB-Speakers VS ID-Tech4 (Doom3/Quake4/Prey)

08 October 2019 - 03:36 PM

According to this OpenAL page, macOS has a working OpenAL implementation via Core Audio. Opening the preyconfig.cfg file there's a seta s_useOpenAL "0" line. Have you tried changing this to "1"?

In Topic: LaCie USB-Speakers VS ID-Tech4 (Doom3/Quake4/Prey)

04 October 2019 - 09:40 PM

Changing output format in Audio MIDI Setup app does nothing?

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26 September 2019 - 01:50 PM

Humble Bundle Aspyr Publisher Sale — up to 80% Off

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15 September 2019 - 04:32 AM

Dirt Rally is FREE NINETY NINE (possibly today only, I already own it) on Steam!

EDIT: Until Sept 16 @ 1PM or "until supplies last"