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In Topic: What games are people playing these days!?

Yesterday, 08:37 AM

View PostThain Esh Kelch, on 25 February 2020 - 04:14 AM, said:

Finished up Type:Rider with almost all achievements. 4/5, I enjoyed it quite a bit! Informative, with some really well designed levels, and some nasty platforming action at the end!
That does look interesting. There's an iOS puzzle game called SuperType that uses typography in a physical way like that. (Less educational though.)

In Topic: Missing iTunes media

24 February 2020 - 03:18 PM

A happy ending, but not particularly satisfying.

Can you imagine if a book or movie ended that way?  "We still don't know who shot the guy, but he made a full recovery and it's been over 3 years. So we've decided to close the case."
"Congratulations, Chief Inspector Bedaine! You've done it again!"

In Topic: What games are people playing these days!?

23 February 2020 - 04:57 PM

Taking a break from Borderlands 3.

Also stopped playing Baba Is You - the puzzles are very clever but difficulty is all over the map. Sometimes you just get on the wrong track- for example skulls are deadly on most puzzles, and I got stuck on one because I didn't notice that they weren't. I stopped playing when I found myself looking up hints more and more often. I do recommend it, but its not a casual puzzler- more like a Dark Souls puzzler.

So I finally returned to Divinity Original Sin 2. Apparently I had left it with my party in an area meant for higher level characters. It took me a while to realize that my problems weren't just from me forgetting how to play! I backtracked and now all is well.

Also listened to the audiobook Blood Sweat and Pixels, and it was pretty good. You get one chapter (about 50 minutes) on the story behind each game title, games ranging in size from Stardew Valley & Shovel Knight, to Witcher 3 & Diablo 3 LOD. Any of these titles could merit a whole book by themselves of course.. All but one of the games were successful, but two of the studios described did not survive, and a third emerged forever changed (arguably for the worse).

I laughed out loud when the author described Destiny as "a game where players can fly through space, complaining about Destiny."

In Topic: Free Mac (and occasionally Windows) games

20 February 2020 - 09:34 PM

View PostThain Esh Kelch, on 20 February 2020 - 02:13 AM, said:

Faeria, which looks pretty nice IMHO.
Mac system requirements are listed, but when I clicked to buy it: "This game not supported on your platform"
I sent a note to support, just in case its a simple mistake they can fix. (Maybe the Mac version is coming soon?)

In Topic: Tuncer is 50 today

19 February 2020 - 04:03 PM

I just noticed that Tuncer is 51, as of today.