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The Simpsons Movie

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Posted 30 July 2007 - 03:37 AM

"i love meat but im not sure im in a position to "love" again"

such a dirty joke, told out in the open.
otherwise i expected every moment.

Fox is milking every cent out of these characters they can.
but as a kid i originally imagined that the simpsons "movie"
would mark the end of the simpsons.
instead this was a pointlessly long moneymaking episode
where every frame, is over shaded.

i enjoyed the joke at the start through. whilst watching the itchy
and scratchy "movie" in the cinemas homer stands up and mentions
that you could see just the same thing for free at home "what kind of
itiot would pay for that?"

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Posted 30 July 2007 - 06:02 AM

View PostAtticus, on July 27th 2007, 04:36 PM, said:

If anyone pays $10 to see a glorified TV episode of the Simpsons at your local megaplex, you're a bigger dolt than Homer.

Not even worth a rental.

Who thought the Simpsons was cool...in the Eighties

I agree, completely.  

There have been some great Simpson moments though.  The best, IMHO, was from years ago when Bart & Homer were playing a boxing video game.  Homer knocks out Bart's boxer and goes nuts jumping up and down, screaming about how he's finally beat Bart.  Next thing, Bart unplugs the TV while the ref is counting out his boxer, like at 7 or 8.  Homer is in shock and Bart says, "I'd like to take this moment to announce my retirement."  I was rolling w/ laughter.
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