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New Moderator Group Image Icon

24 October 2020 - 05:42 PM

You may or may not have noticed that the forum moderators now sport a new moderator group image icon under their avatar:  Posted Image  This is not creepy a bit and it's probably mostly sorta legal in most states and select countries world wide.

This high art was created by yours truly and represents training in your finest institutions of higher education and hours (that's monkey folk hours so for a cat... sheesh took me forever and I had to skip nap after nap) of painstaking work and attention to detail.  Take a moment to relish the exquisite brush strokes, we'll wait.

Wait what?  Done so soon??  Philistines!!!  Anyway moving on, Frigidman was kind enough to move it to into place in the hallowed archive of the forum system high art directory, then I added the code to the forum user group settings.

I'm sure you're all asking yourself, "What does this mysterious banner mean?!?!!?!"  Well it's quite simple in a stupidly complicated way.  These are mini-mes that I have imbued the moderators with which were always there but by cat magic you can see them now. Each one has it's own cat super power.
  • Cat 1:  The All Seeing Cat's Eye - Cats can see everything.  And yes they can see what your hand is doing under the desk right now Atticus.  Moderators use this to detect transgressions of cat law, detect broken links, misplaced posts etc.
  • Cat 2:  Thor's Whammer - Cats have the ability to bring the Whammer down on you by marking posts as spam and proclaiming you a spammer, giving and lifting suspensions, deleting or editing your posts, giving you a forum warning that appears only to the transgressor, etc
  • Cat 3:  Huge Pants.  Yes, huge pants.  They need huge pants to pack all of that manly heat around in.  Huge pants can listen to your complaints and act on them with compassion.  Huge pants look out for your well being and forum camaraderie.  Huge pants have huge pockets to supply me with kitty treats.

So now you know.  Do not be intimidated by the moderators, they were once lowly filthy disgusting rabble scum pig-dogs like yourselves and have been selected because of their affability, gaming knowledge, past forum behavior, and mortal fear of me.  Think of them as big friendly pussy cats... but with fangs and wicked sharp claws hidden behind folds of cuteness and fluff.

New Moderator in Town

07 October 2020 - 11:02 AM

I have an announcement for you.  After a steel cage battle royal between Moderator Sir Macdude22 and newcomer Matt Diamond, including a jousting tournament, Matt Diamond narrowly defeated Sir Macdude22 for the title.  After vanquishing Macdude22 to the dusty shelves of the IMG Forum Museum of Legends I closed the doors on his honorable service.  The battle was brutal and decisive, with lots of dented and cracked armor including bent swords and broken daggers, though no one was seriously hurt besides bruises, cuts, and a cracked rib or two.

I Knighted Matt Diamond with the flat of my +5 Epic Sword of Snicker Snack and had him arise Sir Moderator.  He did complain a little, seems I barely nicked his ear when I brought Epic Sword over his head to tap his other shoulder.  Just a scratch really.  In a spot it appears to have bled.  Like a lot.  In one spot it was rather deep but just in one place.  You know… the place where his ear used to be.  He’s fine now, except he is whining about all the tape I wound around his face to secure the bandage to the side of his head.

So, he’s in a good mood now to moderate the fur off you varmints in the forums.  He has promised me to be a brutal, cruel, and vicious tyrant that will crush you under his merciless heel.  So behold your new IMG Forum sweat shop master, Sir Moderator Matt Diamond.

BTW: i made a butt load of quatloos off the fight.  ::lights fat stogy with  a 1,000 quatloo bill::

A faulty Unicode replaced with a new IMG emoticon

06 July 2020 - 10:19 AM

UmarOMC1 tried to post a Unicode bullseye that our system could not resolve in this post: http://www.insidemac...=60#entry453377

I created a bullseye :bullseye: to replace it.  I'm taking suggestions to improve it.  Right now it seems a little more like "target" than "bullseye", or is that just me over thinking it?  If folks think an arrow in the center would better represent a bullseye then say so here.  It will be wider to show the arrow, just something to consider.

Looking for co-op buddies

17 January 2020 - 03:13 PM

Hey Marines, are any of you jangle toothed yoinks up for some midweek co-op?  My Mac can't game anymore so it needs to be PC game or cross platform. I'm up for FPS only as this genre is what makes my wartime nightmares become manageable.

If you are down for the struggle then contact me via PM so that we can swap Discord and Steam or other game provider identities and friend up, figure out games, times, and hammer out any other logistics.  I'm Pacific Standard Time just so you know if it will be possible time-wise.  If you don't have Discord then get it, I'm a cat, I can't type chat worth a darn.

I am super cooperative, sharing any and all, and will listen to anyone who has the best plan for a particular battle.  I will revive you even at the cost of my life.  I have 9 so it's really no big deal for me.

If you are not willing to fight back-to-back with the Battle Cat then I only have one word for you punk, The Look:

Posted Image