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Night Dive Studios release source code for System Shock, MacOS 9

night dive system shock macos 9 wtf gpl source code

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#1 UmarOMC1


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Posted 07 April 2018 - 10:42 PM

Night Dive Studios, Incorporated have released, under GPL, the source code for System Shock for MacOS 9.

I haven't run across this in any news source, feel free to delete if I'm wrong.

An excerpt from the Github page;

Copyright 2015-2018, Night Dive Studios, Incorporated.

This file contains the following sections:

Game data and patching:

This source release does not contain any game data, the game data is still covered by the original EULA and must be obeyed as usual.
Compiling on MacOS 9:

A project file for Metrowerks Codewarrior is provided in ShockMac/Shock.µ

You will need a PowerPC to build the Mac version of System Shock. Fortunately, there are emulators out there that are able to run PowerPC Mac Applications, like SheepShaver. You also need Metrowerks CodeWarrior 10 Tools to build the project and Stuffit Expander to unpack the project files and source code. The game was initially built with an older version of CodeWarrior, but we tested it with CW 10 Gold Tools (IDE 1.7) and it was able to build a working executable. Things you will need:

•   A PowerMac or an emulator like SheepShaver;
•   CodeWarrior for PowerPC (CW 10 Gold Tools works)
•   The original Mac System Shock data.

Anyone following through on this might want to fulfill a long standing wish of mine to update Arashi to run on present day macOS. Thanks! :rolleyes:
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#2 Cougar


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Posted 08 April 2018 - 11:28 AM

Saw this on reddit. There’s some pretty funny comments in the code.

#3 Matt Diamond

Matt Diamond


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Posted 09 April 2018 - 07:30 AM

Glenda Adams worked on this Mac port. She posted on Twitter that the released source code may not be the final build, based on some of the comments she sees in the code. But she's not sure.

She also posted some funny comments she's seeing in the code, like:

// this routine appears to be buggy and can't possibly work, so I'm not doing it yet
// I GIVE UP! I'm going to define the offsets for all the stupid grs_tmap_loop_info entries!!!!!!
// have no idea how this code could ever work, so I'm trying my own code


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#4 Cougar


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Posted 10 April 2018 - 09:30 PM

I learned that reading the porting houses chapter of The Secret History of Mac Gaming today!

#5 mossy_11



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Posted 11 April 2018 - 08:10 AM

Now the whole world can see some of the ridiculous coding practices of Looking Glass programmers that Phil Sulak was complaining about in my book, and a bit of the temporary insanity it repeatedly caused the poor programmers of their Mac ports. (It was probably somewhat worse, actually, given what Phil said about CodeWarrior throwing up compile errors on many of the multi-line statements.)
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