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Banished: The Reckoning Kickstarter

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Posted 14 April 2012 - 03:27 PM

IMG recently received an email from a former Inside Mac Games writer letting us know about Banished: The Reckoning, an upcoming 3D multiplayer RPG for iOS, Android, and Facebook (other platforms may be added later) that is currently in progress as a Kickstarter campaign. Check it out at this link.


If you're a social/Facebook/mobile gamer, you know that there's a serious dearth of synchronous (at the same time) multiplayer graphical games. Most games are asynchronous and/or don't have a lot of depth. If you're a hardcore gamer who likes old school RPGs like D+D and Baldur's Gate who's interested in mobile and web games, you probably haven't found much to suit your tastes.

Enter "Banished: The Reckoning", a free web/mobile based synchronous (though we're planning on allowing for asynchronous as well) multiplayer 3D RPG in development that will appeal to both casual and hardcore players alike. The game has a unique background story with a theme that is familiar yet distinct and novel. It also has features that are nearly nonexistent in this space, such as cross-platform gameplay, the option to choose real-time play or turn-based play, a toolset to make your own adventures, and even playable characters with removable/interchangeable body parts!

Players will form small parties and go on 30-60 minute adventures that will consist of a hybrid between real-time and turn-based play. When not playing, players will be able to hire out their characters as henchmen, so they can continue to reap rewards!

Through self funding and a small amount of outside funding, a prototype has been developed to near completion. LCD Dreams is seeking $15k to complete the prototype that will be used to acquire full funding, which is estimated to reach $1Million for development and marketing. The $15K will be used to cover programming and art costs. Of course, the more we receive, the better we can make the demo!

Help us make this amazing game a reality! We appreciate all the help we've received so far and every bit of assistance to come!

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Posted 14 April 2012 - 05:53 PM

Sounds okay, but they should have put a little bit more of work into the project so it would be further along before going to kickstarter.