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A Total War Saga: Troy an Epic exclusive initially

03 June 2020 - 07:56 AM

So this kind of stunning news broke this morning.


And the official FAQ:


Not surprisingly there’s no mention of the Mac version, which Feral had previously announced. So what does this mean for the Mac version? Has any Feral port appeared on the Epic Store yet? If not will Troy be the first? Or will we have to look elsewhere (The Mac App Store) to get it until it finally appears on Steam a year later?

I can live with not getting the freebie opportunity, once again with Epic, but the crossplay and modding issues might be enough for me to wait until the Epic exclusivity expires so I can get it on Steam a year later, assuming the Mac version is still a thing? Having the built-in mod manager in recent Mac Total War releases has had substantial impact on my enjoyment of the games because of how easy it makes the process of adding mods.