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In Topic: Mac issues with World of Warcraft patch 8.3

13 February 2020 - 03:20 PM

WoW is probably the only third-party app that can prompt driver fixes under macOS, so I don't actually expect you'll be waiting that long (either the next update or the one after).

No particle effects is lame, but if you only have to do it for a month or two, it at least lets you play the game in the meantime.

In Topic: Warcraft 3 remaster, sorry 'reforged'

31 January 2020 - 04:11 PM

View PostMatt Diamond, on 31 January 2020 - 12:31 PM, said:

Wow. The old Blizzard would have delayed or cancelled this. Or, would worked on a new RTS title instead of remaking an old one on the cheap.
Yeah, this is entirely motivated by profit (as is everything Blizzard does these days). It's clear that they had plans for the remaster, and then all those plans were scaled way back to cut costs. This thing is just being dumped out to recoup any money they already spent on it.

In the same vein, I don't expect Blizzard to do Mac versions of most of their games anymore. There's not enough money in it.

View PostCougar, on 31 January 2020 - 01:51 PM, said:

Well, it's not an either/or thing. The art for this was outsourced (same company that did the SC1 remaster) and they have a separate team that works on the programming for these remasters. I hope the SC2 team is actually working on WC4 or SC3.
I don't think there are any RTS games in active development.

In Topic: Diablo IV announced

02 November 2019 - 04:10 PM

View Postjeannot, on 02 November 2019 - 02:29 AM, said:

Clearly, the Mac is not worth Blizzard's time, and it's not due to technical reasons (despite what they say).
They used to do the Mac versions mainly because they could.

These days, if it isn't insanely profitable, they're not going to do it. Which means no more Mac versions in future unless it's something mobile or casual.