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Hardware Diagnosis Help

Mid 2012 MBP

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Posted 17 June 2014 - 03:46 PM

I have a Mid-2012 model MacBook Pro that i was selling on Craigslist.. i did a full hardware check on it when i got it, installed Mavericks, and it has basically sat for a month while waiting to sell.

I had an interested buyer, went to meet him, and during the meeting, the screen packed it in.  

It just doesn't turn on/light up at all - even the Apple on the back of the case is dead.  THe machine is still otherwise in perfect working order - i plugged in an external display via the thunderbolt port and it popped right up - the machine even boots when there is no screen, you can hear the volume buttons and stuff working.  

My question is mostly - how can i diagnose WHICH part of the screen assembly has gone belly up?  The iFixit teardown doesn't show where the screen gets its power (i thought maybe this had come loose) - only the data connection for the screen, which i unseated and reseated firmly.  

Is the entire screen dead?  Is there some way to diagnose this without paying Apple a crapton of money?

Worst case here, i'm out about ~300$ (I paid 600 for the machine, and if i have to, my wife can use it as her machine connected to a monitor and i can sell her older iMac for 250-350) and my wife gets an upgrade, but if possible i'd like to get it fixed if it wont be an arm and a leg and sell it.  The buyer is still interested if i can get it working.

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Posted 17 June 2014 - 10:45 PM

Well, since an external monitor works, you ruled out the GPU or anything related. Have you tried shining a really bright flashlight on the screen while using it to see if you can make anything out? It could be the backlight that croaked. If that doesn't work, it sounds like the cable is either bad (perhaps got crimped by something when being opened/closed) or the display itself is shot. Obviously the cable would be far cheaper to try than the LCD so you might go that route first.

Something like this, the best way to diagnose is to work up from the cheapest/easiest parts to the most expensive/hardest parts to replace, while praying it's not something on the motherboard that went bad.
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