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#208288 Any Shooters You Just Can't Let Go?

Posted by -AcK!- on 15 April 2005 - 06:46 PM in Mac Action & Shooters

~Antiquated, and still can't get enough~
Arcade Style Shooters: player/world physics can be modifed to surreal conditions after final release.
* Quake 1: Mega-Team Fortress. ( we'll miss theclq.com)
* Quake 3: Excessive (the most entertaining mod for an arcade game)
* MOHAA: There's a reason it's called MOAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
* Elite Force: what's not funny about star trek? It's HYSTERICAL!
* UT: saturday cartoons with interaction.
* Deus Ex: Mustn't forget that one.
Realism Style Shooters: player/world physics modification are very limited or restricted.
* Rainbow Six: it's fast, it's furious, >----)> it's funny as hell! gg.
* Rogue Spear: all expansions including CovertOps and BLACK THORN (eyecandy, music, and scaring other players, hostages, and software developers from around corners.)
* Ghost Recon: More Eyecandy, More Music. (Hey, get that tank out of my front yard!)
* R6:3 Ravenshield:  CounterStrike has nothin on RSE (...cough...pubmasters...cough....)

~Now if only Beast Busters and House of The Dead were eligible candidates....