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One on One with Glenda Adams
January 2, 2002 | Tuncer Deniz

Tuncer: These next couple of questions are rather personal, but I think you'll agree it's better to get them out in the open so they're not subject to speculation. Can you discuss your relationship with your spouse, Suellen Adams?

Glenda: Suellen and I will remain together; Suellen has known about this since she first met me, and has always been an incredibly accepting and supportive partner.

Tuncer: Do you plan on having a sex change?

Glenda: Well that is the common term for what I've been in the process of doing, I've never been too fond of the term, since I don't feel like I'm changing my sex, just making everything match up, inside and outside. The whole process is a bit more complicated than just the surgery (which yes I do plan to have): electrolysis, hormone replacement therapy, etc. I'm through most of the major non-surgical parts of the therapy.

Tuncer: Well, I think that's all the questions I have about the announcement. I just want to commend you for your tremendous courage. I know I speak for the Mac gaming community in wishing you well. Now let's move on to some Mac gaming questions. By the time people read this it'll be January. What are your thoughts on 2001?

Glenda: Thanks very much.

Two-thousand and one was a good year for Mac games, even though there weren't any mega-hits like The Sims. I think we had a pretty nice range of games come out, and the market seemed to hold pretty steady even with the problems with the economy. I'm glad to see a few different types of games, like Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 come out. It says a lot about the market when we can get some great titles that don't fit into the standard FPS, RPG, or RTS categories.

For Westlake, 2001 was a good year in that we shipped 12 games and increased our staff to nine employees. I think 2002 will be a banner year for Mac games.

Tuncer: Speaking of Tony Hawk 2. Think Tony Hawk 3 will come to the Mac?

Glenda: I hope so; I really enjoyed THPS2 strictly from a gamer's perspective. Sales of Tony Hawk 2 may not have been quite up to our initial hopes, but I think much of that had to do with the economy dropping off. Everyone I've ever talked to that played THPS2 for the Mac has just raved about how fun it is.

Tuncer: Can you give us an update on some of Westlake's projects? Especially on some of the new ones like Return to Castle Wolfenstein?

Glenda: RtCW is in late beta testing. I've been playing through the single player game and it's been a lot of fun. Normally I'm not one for flat-out FPS action games, but RtCW has enough different locales and some great atmosphere to keep me interested. We're heavily testing the multiplayer side of RtCW now because we want to make sure it's as stable and fast as we can make it.

Spider-Man is in approvals right now, so it should be ready to go soon. For a straightforward single-player game, it's a very good game. It really does capture the comic book feeling and throws some interesting enemies at you.

Harry Potter is also in final beta testing. I'm doing the programming on it and mostly fixing the few last-minute bugs that cropped up.

Tuncer: Macworld Expo is less than a week away. Apple today has a note on their web site proclaiming that "This one is big. Even by our standards." What do you think is up Apple's sleeve?

Glenda: I really hope they update the iMac. The Mac consumer market needs a bit of juice right now, and something wonderful for the iMac would be a great start. Other than that, I'm not even sure what to speculate about. Maybe new revs of lots of machines or maybe some completely new hardware (a la the iPod).

We hope to have a surprise or two (game-wise, no more personal ones) at the show as well.

Tuncer: Do you have any news on patches?

Glenda: Elite Force 1.2 is basically done, it just got caught up in holiday vacations for everyone. As far as UT X, I'm planning to get some good work in on it after Macworld, and Apple has offered some help on that (to try to track down the loading bug). I've rewritten the UT sound library for Harry Potter, so I will probably roll that back into UT X as well. It is now a completely Mac native sound system.

Tuncer: As we look forward to 2002, what kind of things would you like to see improved either from Apple, publishers, etc?

Glenda: I'd like to see OS X continue to stabilize and be optimized. I'd like to see the overall games market rebound a bit, so we could get sales numbers back up to 1999-2000 numbers, and grow them from there.

If you'd like to find out more about Glenda Adams, be sure to visit her new web site at www.glendaadams.com.

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