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Mac Hall: Uh-Duh
November 13, 2001 | IMG Staff

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We swore this week we were going to do a comic that could not possibly be construed as "poking fun" at any person, place, or thing, but then Salon painted a bulls-eye on its forehead and started talking smack about our mothers.

You've probably already seen the article this comic is about. In the time this comic was put together it's been linked to by Penny Arcade and probably just about everyone else. Frankly, we've gotta go with Tycho on this one. If there's any parent out there who searches their LAN-going kids for illegal substances after reading this article, that kid's probably got bigger problems than just that.

And yeah, we know that Everquest isn't a Mac game per se. But it's something that affects both sides of the fence, and, well, we just like the idea of someone trying to "artificially enhance" the experience of crafting virtual arrows for hours on end.

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Archives  Features  Mac Hall: Uh-Duh