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Mac Hall: And so it begins…
October 1, 2001 | Chris Barylick

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A new comic has found its way onto the pages and CD of Inside Mac Games in the form of Mac Hall. It is new, cleverly drawn and pokes fun at the great but somewhat inconsistent company that is Sierra’s game development patterns in its premiere episode. This isn’t a coincidence.

Up until two months ago, I had never heard of Mac Hall, Ian McConville or Matt Boyd and they probably hadn’t heard of me either. This isn’t to say that neither party would have lent a vital organ to the other if it was absolutely necessary. It just probably would have taken a fair amount of persuasion.

An anime con changed this (albeit the vital organ part is still debatable). When I first ran into Ian McConville, he was sitting as an invited guest for Otakon’s web comics panel and happily assisting the others at the table in making Fred Gallagher of Megatokyo whimper in pain, which is something like throwing hand grenades into a barrel of fish and bragging about your sniper-like accuracy. I sat bemused, trying with other audience members to convince Fred that he didn’t suck and with the help of security, Fred was unable to beat himself to death with his own sketch books.

Ian talked about the Mac Hall comic a bit, but was cool about it. He let the panel run while the audience was insulted and tortured at the hands of Dom and a cruel miniature electric sheep, his Macintosh gaming geekiness shining through even while he bemoaned the evils of his Big K-Mart job. The talent was there, the gaming geekiness concentrated within his skinny frame and the love of the Macintosh platform irrefutable. This was the perfect person for a comic about the Mac and its games, and given a personal history of well-reasoned choices that include camping outside the first Apple Store at 4 a.m. after a rave while high on Red Bull and sunflower seeds, approaching Ian McConville about a gaming comic seemed like a good idea.

A comic is nothing without a good writer and Matt Boyd definitely has his work cut out for him. A journalist at heart, Matt currently runs the bungie.org fan site, fondly remembering the halcyon days of Marathon multiplayer gaming and its custom mod scene. Wired directly into the core of the Mac’s gaming scene, Matt provides the words to Ian’s images that give the comic its strength and characters. I would trust Matt around fire and sharp objects a little more easily than Ian, but not by much.

“And so it begins…” states the more-than-appropriate title of their first comic for Inside Mac Games. The Macintosh gaming scene and its components are stronger than they’ve ever been, but still need to be teased a little to keep things on an even keel. This is the way it works and given what these two seem to be capable of, could be really fun.

If you do nothing else right this year, feed whatever life forms depend on you as a food source and visit the regular Mac Hall comic, updated three times a week in addition to once every two weeks for Inside Mac Games. The writing is great, the art unbelievable and the geek factor pulses with a love for the Mac.

In the words of Matt Boyd: “Mac Hall owns you.” This may well be true. Welcome to Mac Hall.

Chris Barylick
Staff Writer
Inside Mac Games

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Archives  Features  Mac Hall: And so it begins…