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AppleMaster: My Macworld
January 26, 2001 | Michael Phillips

Ahhh, Macworld, what a glorious place to be for a Mac zealot. All of the innovative new technology and extremely cool people who are passionate about the Mac platform only strengthen my belief that Apple isnít going anywhere. In this, my first article for Inside Mac Games, I will be discussing my MWSF experiences as an AppleMaster, from stylish freebies to a near brush with death at the ever-treacherous Aspyr Media booth. Ok, so maybe that death thing was an over exaggeration. Or was it? Read on to find out.

My MWSF Adventure: Discovery, Treasure and Cocoa
My Macworld SF journey began with the always interesting and entertaining Steve Jobs keynote address. As far as I know, there is absolutely nothing more exhilarating than a Steve Jobs keynote, save skydiving while on fire and monkey knife fights. Steve is a true showman who never fails to dazzle the crowd with stunning new products whilst sporting his patented snappy black turtleneck. Iím always impressed by Steve Jobs as an orator, he is so very enthusiastic about Apple, one really gets a sense that he cares about our platform.

So, what did Steve discuss at this yearís keynote? Quite a bit. Among the insanely cool products introduced at the morning festivities were speedy new Power Mac G4s, the sleek and sexy Titanium PowerBook G4, and Alias/Wavefrontís Maya, a high end 3D modeling package.

From a gamersí perspective, these new goodies are tres cool. With speeds of up to 733 MHz and NVIDIA GeForce2 MX graphics cards nestled in pretty little 4X AGP slots, the new Power Mac G4s will make anyoneís game of Quake 3 or Deus EX a visually stunning masterpiece. What could be more beautiful than blowing an enemyís head clear off of his shoulders at 1600x1200 without dropping a single frame? The only thing that could possibly come close to such beauty would be watching Lara Croft blowing some poor sapís head clear off of his shoulders at 1600x1200 without dropping a single frame.

Next up, the stylishly sexy Titanium PowerBook G4. These PowerBooks are hot, they cause fits of giddiness to anyone who is fortunate enough to see one of them in person. Imagine being able to play Rune or Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2 while flying from New York to L.A. on a PowerBook with a crisp 15.2Ē widescreen display that weighs in at a mere 5.3 pounds. One would be the envy of every loser on that plane. In fact, the Titanium PowerBook is so very sturdy that one could actually use it to fend off envious would be attackers. Arenít those engineers at 1 Infinite Loop geniuses?

Lastly on our cavalcade of Steve Jobsí keynote highlights is Alias/Wavefrontís Maya. Maya is absolutely going to rule! Being a digital artist myself, I canít wait to fire up Maya and let the creative sparks fly. With 3D games quickly becoming the norm, Iím also certain that many Mac game developers will find Maya to be quite useful. Look for Maya to be gracing high end Macs running OS X later this year.


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