December 11, 2018
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Crossing Over: Wineskin Review & Discussion
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Wineskin Winery: This is the default Wineskin Winery window.

Choosing an Engine: Clicking on the "+" button brings you here. Select a WINE engine from the drop-down menu.

Downloading and Installing an Engine: Click on "Download and Install" to download and install the WINE engine of your choosing.

Engine Downloaded and Installed: After you're done, the engine you selection should now show up in the Winery listing.

Create New Blank Wrapper: Click on "Create New Blank Wrapper" - give it the same name as your game.

Ignore Mono: Unless your game needs MONO or .NET, you can skip this.

Ignore Gecko: Unless your game needs a web rendering engine to render text or online help files, you can skip this.

Wrapper Creation Finished: Congratulations. Your wrapper is now ready to rock.

Wineskin: This is the window you'll be greeted with upon first launching your wrapper.

Wineskin Installer: Click on "Install Software" to get to Wineskin's software installer.

Navigating to Installer Location: Navigate to where you downloaded your game installer.

Installer Start: If everything is well, the installer will be ready to do its job.

Don't Click Start: Don't click start! You may need to do some tweaking first.

Choose Executable: When you exit the installer, Wineskin will ask you what .exe to use by default when it starts up.

Screen Options: Wineskin's Screen Options panel. This is the first place to go to tweak your wrapper's graphics options.

Advanced - Configuration: Wineskin's Configuration tab, in the Advanced panel.

Advanced - Tools: Wineskin's Tools tab, in the Advanced panel. Here you can find winecfg and wine tricks.

Advanced - Options: Wineskin's Options tab, in the Advanced panel.


Archives  Features  Crossing Over: Wineskin Review & Discussion