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Crossing Over: Blood 2 The Chosen
October 22, 2012 | Justin Ancheta

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Blue Death
However, much like Shogo, for FPS afficionados and players simply seeking a game off the beaten path, Blood 2 is still a game worth experiencing. Players willing to see past this game's problems are sure to be rewarded with an almost cathartic gameplay experience full of killing, violence and destruction...and in the end, what more could you really want out of a game featuring a resurrected gun slinger with a massive chip on his shoulder?

"I'm gonna beat you like a bad step-child."

Installation for Blood 2 largely follows Shogo: use the CrossOver Bottle Manager, launch winecfg, and in the Graphics tab disable both "Allow the Window Manager to Decorate the Windows" and "Allow the Window Manager to Control the Windows".

Also, like with Shogo, a registry tweak may be needed to clear up potential problems with the mouse cursor being trapped in a specific area of the screen. To do this, run the WINE tool that allows modification of the Windows registry. Go to the "good tutorial on how to set, and edit registry keys on the CrossOver support library - use these steps to set a new key within "HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Wine", called "DirectInput", and within that key set the string value "MousrWarpOverride" to "false". In the launcher that appears when you startup the game, some additional options are available under the "Advanced" button. In general it's a good idea to leave them alone, though if you are experiencing bugs it's a good idea to disable some of the more advanced graphics settings like Trilinear Filtering. Enabling Pixel Doubling is not recommended, as it may result in the game looking unnecessarily blocky. After installing the game, you should also install the somewhat controversial Extra Crispy mod which contains some graphical and gameplay enhancements, chief among them being some weapon rebalancing. Installation instructons for the EC mod are included with the download.

One annoying problem in this game is that keyboard inputs are oddly buggy when remapping keys; the game registers the Enter key as being pressed and entered as an input command, instead of being registered as a selection of a particular input to be edited. I've gotten around this being actually pressing and holding down the Enter key while pressing the desired key for a given input that I wanted to remap.

As with Shogo, the game performed well in my testing with hardware acceleration enabled and in widescreen resolutions set to fullscreen; 800 x 500 resolution seemed to work best to balance a performance with screen resolution.

Disclaimer: Justin Ancheta is a beta tester and volunteer advocate for Codeweavers, and maintains both a tutorial for getting GOG games to run on Mac OS X, and a list of games he has personally tested to work on Mac OS X through CrossOver, Wineskin, and open source ports.


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