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Crossing Over: Unreal & Unreal Tournament
July 9, 2012 | Justin Ancheta

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Compared to the claustrophobic environments of Quake II, the openness of some levels of Unreal were a sight to behold.

Installation and Performance - Unreal

As before, use the oldUnreal's 227h patch (again through the CrossOver Software Installer): be sure to get the version of the installer meant for versions of Unreal including the Return to Na Pali expansion pack. Optionally, you can also install the Fusion Map Pack, the other official content pack for Unreal released by Epic. The game works beautifully with all of the various graphical options turned up, though high resolutions in fullscreen may cause slowdowns based on your graphics hardware; to keep my frame rate up I ratcheted down my resolution all the way to 800 x 500 (remember, this is a 64 MB GMA 950 after all).

Installation and Performance - Unreal Tournament

Again, we use the UTPG's 451b patch (again, through the CrossOver Software Installer). Next is a small graphics and sound patch described as a "Multimedia Patch", offered by oldUnreal. The version we want is v0.2. Install it into your UT bottle, like the 451b patch, using the CrossOver Software Installer.

The next thing to install is an improved OpenGL renderer (as of this writing ""). To do this, use "Open C: Drive in Finder" and go to:

drive_c/Program Files/ Tournament/system

When you expand, you get a file named OpenGLDrv.dll; back up your existing OpenGLDrv.dll file in the folder mentioned above, and overwrite it with the new one. After that, we have the fourth and final official Epic Bonus Pack for UT99 (UT Bonus Pack 4, aka The Christmas Pack), the only pack not included in the GOTY edition of the game. It contains extra maps and bonus multiplayer skins, and is still available for download at Beyond Unreal. What we want is the .umod version of the Bonus Pack. The .umod file was a clever file format that acted as a container for the material necessary for a given mod or patch, and the Setup.exe app that came with Unreal Tournament also acts as a .umod file installer. To get the Setup.exe file to install the .umod, we have to start it up and immediately read the Bonus Pack .umod file (when expanded as its zip file, its name is "UTBonusPack4.umod"). Put UTBonusPack4.umod into the system folder described above, and go to CrossOver's "Programs" menu - from there, hit "Run Command...". This is a valuable tool for quickly and easily running game patch .exe files. Hit it, and make sure that you select your Unreal Tournament bottle. In the text field labelled "Command", put in the following:

"wine Setup.exe install (UTBonusPack4.umod)"

...Including the quotes. The Setup.exe app should run and install the umod file. Performance is roughly similar to that of Unreal. YMMV, but DirectX rendering seems to work slightly faster than OpenGL in my recent experience; in past versions of CrossOver, the game could only be played in OpenGL. Widescreen resolutions and fullscreen mode is supported. You may need to adjust your mouse sensitivity and/or adjust your graphical settings down to improve performance. Also, under no circumstances should you enable DirectInput; some odd input bug may lead to the game being unresponsive, forcing a hard Force Quit. Still all that aside, the game runs and plays well, especially with bots.

Disclaimer: Justin Ancheta is a beta tester and volunteer advocate for Codeweavers, and maintains both a tutorial for getting GOG games to run on Mac OS X, and a list of games he has personally tested to work on Mac OS X through CrossOver, Wineskin, and open source ports.


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