November 20, 2018
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Crossing Over: Freespace 2
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In the spirit of X-Wing and TiE Fighter, FS2ís main menu screen deeply immerses you in the gameís universe.

Escorting and protecting valuable civilians may be the bane of many an FPS player, but for space-sim enthusiasts, itís one of the genreís bread-and-butter action settings

Even on its lowest settings, the Freespace 2 Engine looks beautiful, while performing well on older hardware.

Just be thankful that this Vasudan capital ship is on your side.

A defenseless drone gets slaughtered during a tutorial mission.

The excellent opening cutscene recounts the events of Freespace: The Great War. Guess which side of this war humanity came out as?

The current (as of this writing) launcher for FS2_Open.

wxlauncher isnít a pretty app, but itís a well-designed and easy to understand interface for dealing with configuring FS2_Open. Oh yes, and joysticks like the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro rock with this game.

These OpenGL options may be helpful in getting the game to run on GMA 950-equipped Macs.


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