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Crossing Over: Sacrifice
June 11, 2012 | Justin Ancheta

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To be on the safe side, leave these options as they are.
Like many games which never got their chance in the sun, Sacrifice earned a hardened cadre of fans which still can't understand why such an innovative and uniquely well-crafted game never got the attention that it seemed to truly deserve. The eventual folding of Shiny into Atari, and the dissolution of Interplay meant that Sacrifice would never receive a proper sequel. Yet, the revival of games like Wasteland and Shadowrun offer a shining column of light, a signal of hope that benevolent Persephone will one day bestow a blessing on Sacrifice's long-suffering fans in the form of a true sequel to Sacrifice. Kickstarter anyone?

Installation - CrossOver

Installing the game works just like it did for XIII, or any piece of Windows software not officially supported by the CrossOver installer. As a brief refresher, thereís a tutorial on installing software in CrossOver that provides step-by-step instructions on how to use it.

The first thing that needs to be done after installation is to disable two common features of WINE that are enabled by default on CrossOver: "Allow Window Manager to Control the Windows" and "Allow Window Manager to Decorate Windows". These can be reached using winecfg, accessible in the Control Panel tab of the Bottle Manager. Basically, in simple terms, disabling these two options allows for the game to work without WINE itself getting in the way. This is also an important step for many other older games on GOG that rely on resolution switching to 640x480 or 800x600 to work properly. Upon first launch, the game will ask you to set the graphics renderer; leave the settings as they are and continue.

We're not quite finished yet. After the official support for the game ceased, members of the community surrounding Sacrifice continued to try to fix some outstanding bugs. The latest is known as the Manual Patch 1e, and information on it, including a download link, can be found at the Sacrifice Wiki. The patch comes a .zip containing several files - to install them, open up your Sacrifice bottle in the Finder, and go to your Sacrifice folder, found at:

drive_c/Program Files/

All of the loose files in the patch .zip file can be dragged and dropped here; replace the old files when asked. For the "data" and "maps" folders, drag the files within to their corresponding locations within the "data" and "maps" folders in your Sacrifice install. Remember not to replace entire folders (lest you mistakenly erase key game data files) - use the files within these folders to replace their equivalents within your Sacrifice installation.

Even with all of the graphical settings maxed out, the game runs beautifully well, yes, even on a GMA 950 (albeit with some small stutters in gameplay frame rates). Widescreen resolutions are allegedly supported with the help of some hexadecimal registry hacking, but I havenít tried this yet, so I canít directly attest as to how well this works. According to some comments, hacking the game may lead to debilitating gameplay bugs, such as objects randomly disappearing.

Disclaimer: Justin Ancheta is a beta tester and volunteer advocate for Codeweavers, and maintains both a tutorial for getting GOG games to run on Mac OS X, and a list of games he has personally tested to work on Mac OS X through CrossOver, Wineskin, and open source ports.


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