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Interview with GameTree Online
January 7, 2009 | Jack Shiels

In June 2008, Transgaming, Inc released their new digital download portal exclusively for Mac games, GameTree Online. Recently IMG got a chance to talk to Transgaming's CEO, Vikas Gupta, about their bold foray into the world of digital trade.

IMG - Cider has undoubtedly changed the way developers can port their games to Mac OS X. A lot of the products on sale on the GameTree Online store have been converted using the Cider platform. How easy is it to go through this process?

Vikas - All products on GameTree Online are not Cider enabled (ie World of Goo), but the Cider process has continued to advance and become a powerful, timely way to enable games for Mac. Cider allows publishers and developers to enable Mac SKUs in parallel to their PC development cycle. By offering a parallel development process, publishers and developers can release games simultaneously as either hybrid PC-Mac SKU or two separate game SKUs. This ensures a timely release for the Mac game to consumers, plus provides the publisher or developer with a multiple SKU release during their peak marketing launch, creating maximum exposure for the title and consumer sales. The process of working with TransGaming and Cider is a partnership approach which we believe makes the enablement, release and consumer awareness around each Mac game highly successful.

IMG - Was the Cider technology SDK a challenge to produce? I am sure there were many hurdles in creating such an advanced product.

Vikas - TransGaming’s development and advancement of Cider has revolutionized the availability of Mac games for consumers. TransGaming works closely with publishers and developers on new games and related game technologies, plus is an active participant in Khronos as it relates to the advancement of OpenGL standards. We believe that by being a partner focused company and continually looking to advance our technology in parallel with the gaming industry and Apple developments, Cider will remain the leading solution for Mac games enablement, plus provide consumers with a growing selection of games.

IMG - Gametree Online was started back in June this year. How successful has the service been during these relatively early first few months of being open to the public?

Vikas - GameTree Online has found great success since its launch this Spring. The addition of titles from a wide variety of publishers has resulted in a growing community of global Mac gamers. Future plans for more title releases will ensure the continued growth and strength of this online distribution channel.

IMG - You have quite a few exclusive titles available, such as Rayman: Raving Rabbids and Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. How do you go about securing these games? Are companies willing to have their games ported to Mac OS X?

Vikas - TransGaming is the leader in Mac games enablement, and has secured several agreements with leading publishers such as EA, Ubisoft, Bioware, NCsoft, and more. The list of publishers who are leveraging the power of Cider to enable their games for the Mac gaming community continues to grow. An exciting list of games is planned for 2009 from a variety of publishers and developers. The Mac gaming community will continue to find exclusive releases at Gametreeonline.com in the months ahead.

IMG - What has been the most successful product so far?

Vikas - All products that have been brought to the Mac gaming community with Cider have been very successful, and have seen great interest from a global user base. Spore’s release by EA this Fall was certainly well received by the Mac community, and TransGaming is very pleased with the consumer response.


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