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Ask MacPlay - Volume 1
June 15, 2001 | Tuncer Deniz

MacPlay Gamers!


Thanks for the incredibly positive response to our first "Ask MacPlay" feature on IMG. Our team at MacPlay thinks IMG rocks for working with us on this awesome new feature. Special thanks to Tuncer for helping us reach out our highly valued community.

Since this is our first "Ask MacPlay" feature I thought I'd chime in on a serious note for a moment and tell you that building a strong interactive and fun MacPlay gamer community is at the very top of MacPlay's priority list this year and we really want your input.

Exchange forums like "Ask MacPlay" are very important to MacPlay's success so consider the flood gates of communication officially open....and keep those questions and suggestions coming --- our team at MacPlay is listening and committed to bringing you the best gaming experience the Mac platform has to offer!

Diane M. Zammit

Question: I love Baldur's Gate but I am very disappointed at how poorly the game runs (especially with Tales of the Sword Coast installed). BG has numerous bugs even though whomever did the porting delayed the release of the game by several months. What steps is MacPlay taking to ensure that Baldur's Gate II ships with minimal bugs running at the best possible performance given the short time it has taken you to port it? Alex Gordillo

Answer: MumboJumbo and MacPlay are both committed to releasing all of our software as bug-free as possible. We want the out-of-box experience to be as enjoyable as possible for everybody. Development has gone quite smoothly, and we have been in Alpha and Beta testing for awhile now. That has been proceeding very well. The best that we can do is keep development under rigorous control, to create a solid process for testing, and to keep on top of it until we have wrung out all the bugs that we can. MacPlay and MumboJumbo work together very closely to make sure that we can demystify this process, and to speed the delivery of high performance, bug-free games to our customers. Mark Dochtermann

Question: Will the Mac version of FS: SDOE be based on the 1.0 version that was rushed out the door by Activision and universally panned by players and critics everywhere or will it be based on the much improved 1.5 patch code that is still loved and played by a huge fan base on the PC side? John Rousselle

If the Mac version is based on the version 1.5 patch code, will it be compatible with all of the cool player-made enhancements from the Open Plane community including custom missions, custom skins, new planes and ground vehicles, the Nations project, the World War I plane set project and the Online compatibility project?

Answer: Fighter Squadron Mac is based on PC version 1.5.4. The enhancements made by the OpenPlane community should work just fine, though they are not part of the original game, so (just like the PC version), such add-ons will be unsupported. "Burger" Bill Heineman


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