May 25, 2018
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Interview: id Software's Graeme Devine
August 9, 2000 | Michael Eilers

For many in the industry, it was quite a surprise when Graeme Devine was hired by id Software last year. The designer, best known for the not-so-violent 7th Guest CD-ROM game, dived head first into hard-core gaming by working on Quake III: Arena.

Graeme Devine's experience in game design dates back to over 20 years, having worked companies such as Atari, Lucasfilm, Activision, Virgin, and of course, Trilobyte, the company behind 7th Guest.

Now at id Software, Devine has become a staunch supporter of the Mac platform, praising it in recent months. IMG recently talked to Devine about Apple, the Mac, and OS X, among other things.

IMG: Since both WWDC and Macworld New York you have been quoted saying extremely positive things about Apple's developer support, their attitude towards games and their future plans. These comments contrast somewhat sharply with comments by other Mac developers we have talked to and the comments of Mike Wilson from Gathering of Developers. Aside from providing hardware to PC developers considering Mac versions of their games, what has Apple done to convince you of their positive intentions?

Devine: Apple clearly demonstrates their commitment to the platform and gaming on the platform in keynotes, on show floors, and by providing a strong showing at gaming events like Quakecon (where we had a cube on display running Q3A). They are there on a daily basis asking for input, sometimes screaming for input, on the technical directions they should be looking to for improvements.

IMG: As your relationship with Apple seems closer than most developers, do you have a sense of their future plans and attitude towards games on the Mac platform? What, in your opinion, is the source of Apple's obvious bias towards simultaneous releases?

Devine: I think we need to look more towards games that appeal to owners of Apple branded computers. There's a huge market out there, as seen by the iMac and it's success, and the platform is unique. Taking advantage of that is the next step beyond simultaneous releases.


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