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Interview with *DAMN Mauti
October 10, 2006 | Anthony Wang

IMG: It seems like you're working on an upgrade to the existing league known as *DBL 2.0, do you mind sharing what new and exciting changes await us gamers?

Mauti: As we know from sports like football or basketball statistics are loved so the*DBL 2.0 gonna feature extended statistics for clans and players. Stats are also not limited to seasons. Also offseason cbs will be tracked and added to an overall ladder. Special events like world championships will be possible and easier to realize as they are now. Some new player features are, that you will be able to look for new clans, while clans can search through player profiles for new recruitments. Right now many players don't know how to get into a clan. The *DBL will help with offering something like a matchmaking service for players and clans. Clans will also have the possibility to represent themselves via improved clan profile pages, which will make most clan websites unnecessary. Last but not least and probably the biggest change is that we gonna open the *DBL to non tactical games. So in the future the *DBL might offering everything from a Age of Empires to a iConquer ladder. There are many other small features that will make the *DBL 2.0 a great and new experience for everyone. However it is a lot of work and it will need until late september early october until everything is done and tested.

IMG: With Apple's switch to Intel Macs and the release of Boot Camp, how do you think these will affect the *DAMN gaming community?

Mauti: I see it as a big chance for Apple to increase it's market share. However I'm unsure how it will affect *DAMN and the *DBL. May it helps to gain experience on the PC side of gaming and also open the *DBL more towards PC gamers and games that can be played cross platform. At all the *DBL won't change because of Bootcamp. I also think the next 1 or 1 1/2 year we won't notice much difference, because most players are still on PowerPC Macs. Beside Bootcamp and whatever Leopard will bring for us, it would be much more important that Apple finally recognize us gamers and adds decent graphic cards to its consumer Macs, beside the iMac. The iMac is a good gaming machine, but there are also MacMini and iBook players. I think decent built in graphic cards would have a much bigger impact for the *DBL and Mac Gaming in general than boot camp, because without graphic cards also boot camp can't play games with reasonable framerates and resolutions. Last but not least new tactical games like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighters or an improved sequel to First to Fight would be much appreciated!

IMG: Finally, could you discuss your contribution to content on the *DAMN website such as mod development, articles, screenshots?

Mauti: Right now I focus completely on the *DBL 2.0, but after the *DBL 2.0 is done I also would like to overhaul the *DAMN website with its Mac Downloads and may create some small applications that accompany the *DBL 2.0. Beside that I have to create an OpenGL game for university next summer term. So may you gonna see me doing some MacGames in the future, but one thing after another.

IMG:That wraps it up, thanks Mauti for giving your time for this interview. For all our readers out there, if you'd like to learn more, just click on the links below.

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