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A Beginner's Guide to NWN Modules
January 26, 2004 | IMG Staff

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Page 1-3 by Johan Hansťn

Neverwinter Nights is a rather remarkable game. Itís a role-playing game created from the ground up to support fan created modules and to make the creation of these modules as easy as possible. This means that the game theoretically contains unlimited adventure, just as BioWare claims. Unfortunately the tools to create these modules, the Aurora Toolset, never made its way to the Macintosh platform.

While this means you wonít see any Mac created modules, that doesn't mean you can't use modules created on the PC. Neverwinter Nights for Mac can use almost everything created on the Windows version of the toolset. Neverwinter Vault, the main source for finding fan created modules and other additions to the game contains almost 3000 modules for download, but thereís more than that. You can also find downloads at Neverwinter Nights Stratics, BioWareís homepage and more. If you play multiplayer games you can just connect to a server and run the module from there. Both Neverwinter Vault and the NWN Stratics offer lists over the most downloaded and highest ranked modules as well as powerful search functions. Donít hesitate to check them out since unlimited adventures lies just a few clicks away.

Some things to think of when looking for and downloading modules:

1) Version required. Some modules are created to use one or both the official expansions, Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark. These modules canít run without the expansion it is designed for. There has still not been any official word on the possibility of an official Macintosh version of either of the expansions, but fortunately you can install the Windows/Linux version of the expansion on the Macintosh version of Neverwinter Nights without too much fuss. The OpenKnights Consortium has released an Auto-Updater that can install the expansions for you.

2) Hak packs, movies or other additions. Some modules use so-called hak packs to add new content to the game such as portraits, models, sounds, tilesets, textures and what not. If a module uses a hak pack you might have to download it separately. It is not recommended to run a module without its hak pack, even if it might work with some modules. Since they add content the module wonít be complete without it. Some modules also have movies that can be played by the module. These are usually not required, but it would be a loss to not download them.

3) Additional modules. Several modules are divided up in several chapters, each available as a separate download. For the flow of the story line you will probably want to download part one of the module first and go on from there. A lot of modules also automatically launch the following module when you complete the current. Thus, you might want to have the following module installed to avoid problems. Most modules fix this by having a dummy module with the name of the following module to load when you reach the end, but you might want to have the real module installed already so you wonít have to go and download a new module while youíre dying to know what happens next.

4) Character requirements. Some modules have restrictions on what race and/or class your character has as well as what level the character is. Some modules simply wonít play with a character that doesnít meet its specifications. Other modules work, but wonít be as enjoyable if the author of the module designed it for a special class or race. And playing at a too high or low level isnít much fun either.

5) Save files. There are only one slot for the Quick Save and one for the Auto Save in NWN. This means that these are shared between modules. If you jump between modules, make sure the last save isnít the quick save or the auto save since you might loose it by mistake.


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