April 26, 2018
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IMG Interviews MacSoft's Al Schilling
November 5, 2003 | Tuncer Deniz

Al Schilling is a busy man at MacSoft. The company is about to ship one of the most ambitious real-time strategy games ever made for the computer. And on the heels of that, they plan on releasing what may be the most anticipated game of all time, Halo for the Macintosh.

IMG recently caught up with Schilling, to talk about Age of Mythology, Halo, and more.

IMG: First off, tell us a bit about Age of Mythology and why you folks are so excited about this title.

Schilling: Age of Mythology is the newest game from Ensemble Studios. Mac gamers are likely very familiar with Ensemble as the creators of both Age of Empires, and Age of Empires 2: Age of Kings. After 2 years on the market, Age of Kings is still one of the top-ten selling Mac games.

With Age of Mythology, Ensemble has taken the RTS to a new level. The engine is brand new and fully 3D. The character models and environments are incredible and, the entire premise of the game is fascinating. It incorporates all of the classic RTS elements with the legends of Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythology.

IMG: What's one thing that separates Age of Mythology from all the other strategy games on the market?

Schilling: Myth Powers! Having played a lot of RTS games, I've used a fair variety of weaponry; but nothing compares to commanding Thoth to bring down a Meteor Shower on your enemies. Not only is the concept cool, the implementation is something to behold. And there is such an amazing variety of Myth Powers. Frost, Rain, Prosperity, Lightning Bolts... there are so many different powers you can use to help to achieve your goals. This is truly unique to Age of Mythology.

IMG: Will there be a demo of Age of Mythology?

Schilling: To Be Determined.

IMG: You've now been at the new MacSoft for almost a year now. Can you talk a little bit about the transition to Destineer and how things have played out in the last year?

Schilling: It's been great! Being acquired by Destineer is the best thing that could have happened to MacSoft. Destineer's owner Peter Tamte had a plan in place for MacSoft, and that allowed us to hit the ground running. We got an amazing amount of work done in the first few months and really haven't slowed down yet. We've changed locations 3 times in the past year and now are finally settled into our new, permanent digs. We're working on some very exciting projects. The office is a fun and dynamic place to be and, last I checked, we had 5 of the top ten-selling Mac games. Not a bad deal.


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