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Ask Feral - Volume 2
July 2, 2003 | Tuncer Deniz

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A few weeks ago we asked IMG readers to send in questions for Feral for a feature called Ask Feral. Our friends at Feral Interactive took the time to answer the numerous questions. So without further ado, here's this month's installment of Ask Feral.

Question: When do we get Warrior Kings? I'm dying to play this game since warcraft and it's expansion have gotten rather stale (really stale). Some have said it's much better so I'm really anxious to know. - Andrew Landmark

Answer: Warrior Kings is close to release. As we announced last week, it just went to Release Candidate and you would be safe to assume that you will be able to play the game during your summer holidays.

Warrior Kings is an innovative take on the real time strategy e quite and should be a breath of fresh air for the Mac gaming scene. Apart from the real 3D terrain and the huge military formations, which have a huge impact on strategy, evolving into one of the three available paths during the game and not having to choose one race at the start is a great extension to the strategies available. It’s a real opportunity to surprise your enemies. That of course assumes that you know who they are.

Question: When will Enemy Engaged: RAH-66 Comanche Versus KA-52 Hokum be finished? And who (programmer) is actually working on the port? Are the system requirements listed on their website still up to date (a 333 Mhz system!)? - Paul Lacy

Answer: Yes it will be – it’s been a very long haul and we appreciate the patience of all the chopperheads who e-mail us on a regular basis. The development history is fairly long and tortuous. The major problem has been in the way the game dealt with objects and polygons. Suffice to say that the Mac and PC deal with these in rather different ways each optimizes differently. For most games it doesn’t have that bigger an effect, unfortunately for Enemy Engaged the effect was enormous and slowed the whole game down to a crawl at certain points.

That has meant taking a different approach to how the game is ported to the Mac and has meant that we needed to do some fairly extensive recoding.

However, the end has now appeared on the radar screen and we are homing in…..

The system requirements will be updated, though we will try to keep the minimum processor speed to no more than 500 Mhz.

Question: Hello, I'm a big F1 nut and as a mac user i would love to see a updated Mac version of F1 be it 2002 or better still 2003...is there or are there going to be plains to get out a new F1 game for the mac as it looks like your the only ones coming to our call. - Frank Tedesco

Answer: Glad to hear it because so are we. As you might perhaps know Sony now has the F1 license for a four-year period. That means that they will be no F1 2003 on the PC or on the Mac. We are big F1 fans and if the opportunity of doing a new F1 game ever comes to us we will certainly take it. However, at the very least we should be able to keep you supplied with interesting racing games on the Mac over the next year or so – as long as you are prepared to venture a little beyond F1...


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