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Ask Feral - Volume 1
March 21, 2003 | Tuncer Deniz

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A few weeks ago we asked IMG readers to send in questions for Feral for a feature called Ask Feral. Our friends at Feral took the time to answer the numerous questions. So without further ado, here's this month's installment of Ask Feral.

Question: What has been Feral's most successful product? - Jason Lerner

Answer: Championship Manager series has been a very good seller, this soccer management simulation is very popular in Europe and the game is so addictive we get really good feedback. The new episode (Championship Manager 4) will be out on April 4th. We were also very successful with Black & White. The concept of this game keeps players addicted forever and they are now upgrading to the brand new expansion pack “Creature Island” for those who don’t have the game yet, we have a “Platinum Pack” with both game and expansion pack.

Question: Is there any chance there will be a Black & White 2 version for the mac? - John Metz

Answer: Yes – there could be a chance. But I can’t say anything now. Keep in mind that Black & White 2 won’t be released before the end of the year on the PC. But keep watching this space...

Question: I'd like to know wether Feral sees any disadvantage (or even advantage) in having their HQ in Europe? - Yves Seiler

Answer: There are both advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that Apple is a Californian company with it’s main market in the US and naturally enough it tends to be focused principally on the US - so sometimes we have to shout a bit louder than we’d like to get a hearing.... but that’s also true of IMG....

The main advantage is that Europe has a great range of game developers and proximity to them is very helpful. I think it has also made us much more aware of the necessity to localize as far as possible the games we publish and that should stand is in good stead as we believe that people will increasingly demand games that play in their own language rather than just English.

Question: How have sales of EA's Formula 1 CS 2000 been? - Dan Greenberg

Answer: Fine thank you Dan!

Reasonably well considering the fact that Formula 1 is not that popular in the US and that Aspyr’s Nascar was released at the same time. However, we got really great feedback from existing players and I think the game will continue selling for a long period.

Question: Will there be a port of EA's Formula 1 2002? - Dan Greenberg

Answer: No, I’m afraid we will not be porting F1 2002 on the Mac. The game was released in June 2002 on the PC and that would mean no Mac release before end of 2003 beginning of 2004. Our game schedule is quite filled up and we already have so many games to port.

But don’t worry; your steering wheel will be in good use with Total Immersion Racing, our upcoming GT Racing game.


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