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Peter Tamte Talks MacSoft Buyout
February 3, 2003 | Tuncer Deniz

Last week Peter Tamte's Destineer Studios announced a blockbuster deal in which it had acquired MacSoft from Infogrames. Overall the deal has been met with great enthusiam within the Mac community. IMG recently caught up with Tamte to discuss the deal and its impact on the Macintosh market.

IMG: Can you explain to our readers how this deal came about and how long has this acquisition been in the works?

Tamte: We got serious about acquiring MacSoft in mid November. We tried hard to get the deal closed before Macworld Expo, so we could announce it at the show, but there were some last-minute approvals and legal issues that needed to be dealt with.

IMG: I'm sure people will be curious to find out if Al Schilling and some of the other crew at MacSoft made the transition to the new MacSoft. Can you tell us if Al and some of the others made the transition and what some of their new roles might be?

Tamte: Yes, I'm very happy to say that Al Schilling will be Destineer's general manager of MacSoft. Al was one of MacSoft's first employees. He was an integral part of the building of MacSoft since the very beginning, and he is an extremely capable person. I know he's taken some hard knocks in the forums lately. But, these have been due solely to conditions beyond his control. Al is very passionate about the Macintosh and about bringing exceptional games to the Macintosh through MacSoft. He's also a rock star in Minneapolis, so he can get me free concert tickets.

We have also extended an offer to James Robrahn to help manage our growing quality assurance group. James knows how to break stuff better than most people. Even better, he's good at fixing stuff too. James is a very capable and helpful individual, and we are anxious to get his help with the plethora of products we'll be launching.

Many of your readers also know Nate Birkholz, who has also been a key person at MacSoft for a long time. Recently, Infogrames has been expanding Nate's work into the PC and console areas of its business, in addition to his MacSoft responsibilities. Infogrames was anxious to keep Nate in the PC and console parts of its business after the acquisition. Although we'll miss Nate's contribution to MacSoft, we understand why Infogrames is anxious to retain him, and I know they will continue to expand his responsibilities. As a good friend, we all wish Nate the best in his newly expanded role at Infogrames and hope they let him keep his Macintosh.

IMG: One of the games that the press release doesn't mention is Unreal Tournament 2003. Will MacSoft still be publishing it?

Tamte: Sorry. My Flak Cannon ran out of ammo. What did you say again?

IMG: Did the acquisition of MacSoft in any way impact the decision of whether or not to port the Neverwinter Nights tools to the Mac?

Tamte: No. They told me about their decision before we bought MacSoft, but there is no connection between the acquisition and this decision.

IMG: Can you give us a time frame on some of the games MacSoft will be publishing? For example, Master of Orion III, Dungeon Siege, NWN, and Halo?

Tamte: Oh, bugger. Head shot with a lightning gun. Lucky guy. I'll track him down, though...


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