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Interview: Pangea's Brian Greenstone
September 4, 2002 | Tuncer Deniz

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IMG: Looking back at all the games you've done...which game are you most proud of?

Greenstone: Definitely Otto Matic. Otto Matic is in my opinion the best game we've ever done. Ironically, it was the worst selling game that we've ever done too - and by a very wide margin. I don't think Otto did poorly because nobody liked the game, I think that was due to the problem that nobody knows the game exists since the publisher (we didn't publish Otto Matic ourselves) did almost no marketing and advertising at all for it. But Otto was the most well designed game we've ever done and had some of the best gameplay too.

IMG: Mac OS X 10.2 was recently released. Will Bugdom 2 be OS X only? Also, what do you think of 10.2?

Greenstone: Bugdom 2 is Carbonized so that it will run on OS 9 and X. Technically, it'll even run on OS 8.6, but we won't support that. 10.2 is really nice! OS X is finally usable, weeee!!

IMG: How do you think the Mac gaming market is doing these days?

Greenstone: Well, honestly I think it's flooded. That's great for consumers since they have a lot of games to choose from, but the Mac market is too small to support so many games. The result is that sales per game title are way down across the board. I think the Mac game market needs to thin a little or we're going to see some companies fold.

IMG: Will Bugdom 2 be available on other platforms?

Greenstone: Definitely not at the start - Windows still sucks. However, Bugdom 2 is costing us about $120,000 to produce and if we can't make that back on just the Mac sales then we may have to look into alternative platforms. But Pangea Software WILL NEVER DO WINDOWS software. I'd quit my job and sell shoes before I did that. Instead, we'd pay someone else to do a PC version.

IMG: What do you plan on doing after Bugdom 2 ships out the door?

Greenstone: Good question... well... we keep talking about doing Nanosaur 2 since that's the #1 thing I get requests for. But if we do a Nano 2, it won't be a simple sequel since, as I said before, I don't do sequels. Instead, we'd make a whole new dino game based on the ideas behind Nano 1. I'm open to suggestions from users if they want to send them my way. I'm looking for general concepts, not game designs. One idea I'm toying with is where you're a flying dino and it's basically a strafe and destroy game. You fly around and blast the hell out of every dino in site.

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