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Interview: Destineer's Peter Tamte
August 26, 2002 | Michael Phillips

Mike Phillips: Will Halo support cross-platform multiplayer action?

Peter Tamte: Cross-platform multiplayer support is definitely planned. The only thing that will prevent this is an unforeseen technical issue.

Mike Phillips: When do you see Bold jumping to Mac OS X only development? Will Halo be a X only title?

Peter Tamte: We haven't made any final decisions about X-only yet.

Mike Phillips: I hear you are working on an original game title. Can you give us a progress update on it and when it might be announced?

Peter Tamte: Our engineers have spent the past 18 months building an original engine that takes advantage of the latest CPU and graphics hardware. We will be making action games based on this engine.

Mike Phillips: What do you think about the Macintosh game market these days?

Peter Tamte: It seems that most of the major games are coming to the Mac now. The next step is to get them to come to the Mac simultaneously. But, when I started MacSoft years ago, only a fraction of the top games were making it to the Mac. Now we have Jedi Knight II, Medal of Honor, Max Payne, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Civilization III, Age II, Links, and more. And, Neverwinter Nights is just around the corner!

Mike Phillips: I know you are a gamer yourself. What kinds of games do you currently like to play?

Peter Tamte: I tend to play games on all the platforms now. On Xbox, I'm still playing Halo a lot, but NFL 2K3 is eating into my Halo time lately. On PS2, I'm playing a lot of GTA3 still (I...just...can't...stop...), as well as Balder's Gate: Dark Alliance. On PC, I recently picked back up an old version of Shogun: Total War, that I started playing about a year ago. And, on Mac, honestly-- I'm playing Age II and Links. But, I get those games for free.

I know I'm supposed to say Warcraft III. But, I decided to play some of the new football games instead. Yes, this is heretical to some, But, I haven't had the time for Warcraft III yet. It's not like I'm going to pick it up and only play it for an hour, you know...

Mike Phillips: What's the best game you've ever played?

Peter Tamte: On any platform? The answer is definitely Halo. On PC/Mac, I'd say it's a toss-up between the original C&C, Civ II, and Doom II.

Mike Phillips: Is piracy a problem on the Mac? Could Mac publishers be doing more to curb piracy?

Peter Tamte: I don't understand why someone who would never walk into CompUSA and steal a game would steal the same game over the Internet. Is the threat of punishment the only reason not to do something you know is wrong?

Yes, piracy is an enormous problem on the Mac. It's one of the key reasons why games aren't coming to the Mac simultaneously right now. It's all about economics to publishers!!!! It's all about the math, and pirates make the problem grossly worse on the Mac because it's a smaller market.

I think for a while it was easier to steal Mac games on the Internet than to find them in stores. But, that's not true anymore.

We have not been taking active measures to copy-protect our games. I hate punishing the innocent. But, we may not have a choice in the future...

Mike Phillips: If you were Steve Jobs for one day, what about Apple would you change, if anything?

Peter Tamte: Company uniforms. I think everyone should wear a company uniform. Oh, and I'd like to see "Love Shack" made the startup tone in the next OS, too. Hey, they had an animal skin on the box cover of Jaguar. Why can't they make "Love Shack" a startup song?

Mike Phillips: Now for the Barbara Waltersesque portion of our interview, where things can get a little emotional. Which golf club are you; a 6 iron or a loft wedge?

Peter Tamte: 6 iron. I'm a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy.

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