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Interview: MacPlay's Mike Donges
January 7, 2001 | Jeff Wescott

A few short months ago, an icon in Mac gaming came back to life. MacPlay, who in years past brought stellar titles like Fallout, reformed under the umbrella of United Developers, and announced a strong lineup of games including Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Sacrifice and Starfleet Command 2.

With a new staff and in-house programmers, MacPlay is sure to step forward as one of the most prominent players (pun intended) in the Mac game scene. Mike Donges, executive producer for MacPlay, spent some time with IMG and had a lot to say about the new iteration of the company and what we can expect from them in 2001.

IMG: What is your role with MacPlay?

Donges: Basically, I run the southern California operations of MacPlay and other top-secret stuff and make sure that all of our projects move forward and get finished in a timely fashion. They say that I'm an executive producer. Sounds good to me.

IMG: What is MacPlay looking forward to in 2001?

Donges: Our ultimate goal is to re-establish the Macintosh as a major player in the platform wars. For the first year, this means establishing an arsenal of content, developing a strong and committed relationship with Mac gamers, taking advantage of Apple technologies like Mac OS X, and making sure the MacPlay brand represents the best experience to the Macintosh gamers that exists. This is what will propel MacPlay forward in the months to come. That, and lots of coffee.

IMG: What is your assessment of the Mac games market at present? The games market in general?

Donges: I'll start with the market in general. It's all cyclical. Right now, the market is a bit skittish. New gaming consoles are getting announced every week. Everyone is hoping that their genre is still popular when they release. It's a tough, tough business. It's impossible to prognosticate anything, because everything is ALWAYS CHANGING. The companies that will enjoy the most success will be the ones with the highest profile and the most realistic, flexible business plans (and lots of cash). I know two things. Games are here to stay and they are more popular than ever. And the landscape will continue to change. It's all about the execution.

As far as the Mac gaming market, it's tough to say. It's not the sexiest market in the world, but it's still picking up steam. Don't get me wrong. There is a solid business here. There is great demand. We are looking at some creative ways to exploit that demand and grow it for all involved. With OS X, I think there's an opportunity to create something much bigger and sexier.


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