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One on One with Glenda Adams (Part 10)
July 26, 2002 | Tuncer Deniz

Tuncer: Great. Moving along. Can you give us a status update on some of your other projects?

Glenda: Lets see - Sims Vacation is in beta testing, and should be finishing up soon. Jedi Knight II is just about to go into beta, so I don't think it'll be long before Mac gamers can experience The Force themselves :) Our two unannounced projects, The Chosen One and Genie #2 have just started up, although I know Chosen One just made some good progress in getting some of the interface graphics working and data files to load. I believe both of those projects will be announced in the next few months.

Tuncer: ATI also announced their next generation graphics cards last week. Can you give us your impressions for the new cards?

Glenda: I saw the demos they were running and the cards really look incredible. Both the performance and the amount of amazing effects they can do with their vertex and pixel shaders and massive fill rate are amazing. It really is going to be interesting to see what level designers and artists will be able to do with all the new graphics power these next generation cards have. I'm going to be looking forward to working with the new technology on some of the next generation engines we'll probably start porting to Mac later this year or early next.

Tuncer: Let's talk about MacSoft....as you know, they weren't at the show this year. Neither was GraphSim. Should there be some cause for concern?

Glenda: It's always a concern when long time supporters of the market seem to be slipping off the radar a little, but I'm hopefully that both will regroup and be back in the Mac market in the future. I know for MacSoft it has more do to with their parent company, Infogrames, than anything about the Mac gaming market. In the worst case, if any current Mac publisher did fade from the market I think the void left would be filled by someone else eventually, but I really hope that doesn't have to happen. MacSoft and GraphSim have proven they know Mac gamers very well, and can bring great games to the Mac. The people at both of those companies are my friends, and I really want to see them staying around as long as possible.

Tuncer: So what have you been playing lately?

Glenda: I've been playing quite a bit of EQ on the PC (research, I call it :) ). And I also have been playing Tony Hawk 3 on the PC. As far as Mac games, I've been 'testing' Jedi Knight 2 some :)

Tuncer: When we visited the Apple Store in Soho last week, there were about a dozen people playing Tony Hawk 2 on the iMacs. Do you think Tony Hawk 3 will make it to the Mac?

Glenda: I don't know, right now it doesn't look good. If it doesn't happen, we can always hope for TH4.

Tuncer: Are you folks working on any new demos? Patches?

Glenda: We're finishing up a Wolf 1.33 patch, and also looking at a Medal of Honor patch to fix some sound problems that might cause a crash. I'm working on a Tomb Raider Chronicles patch myself, and I believe we might be doing some maintenance on a couple other older games right now. As far as demos, I know we're looking into a Max Payne demo (although we're not sure if it'll be done or not), and there is a Star Wars Battlegrounds demo waiting for release at Aspyr. I think there may be a Jedi Knight II demo when it ships as well. We almost always put an optional demo milestone in our schedules, but publishers decide on a project by project basis if they want one done.

Tuncer: So I have to ask you about Unreal Tournament 2003. Do you think that'll make it on the Mac?

Glenda: I'm still very confident it will come to the Mac. But I don't know when. I do know work hasn't started on it yet, until the Mac rights are secured by a Mac publisher no developer can start programming the Mac version.

Tuncer: What's the coolest thing you saw at Macworld Expo last week?

Glenda: The Apple SOHO store. It had the most Mac games in one place I've ever seen in my life. It was an amazing store, much bigger than any Apple store I'd seen before, and it had beautiful architecture.


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