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Mac Hall: One Way To Kill a Geek
July 5, 2002 | IMG Staff

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For so many years the PC people have been getting their goods first. Somewhere along the line I developed superhuman patience, and Zen-like waited until my turn came.

Neverwinter Nights has stripped me of this patience. They've hit me in a chink in the armor- tabletop gaming. Anyone who combines my rabid enthusiasm for 3rd edition D&D with my general zeal for video games will understand where I'm coming from. Unfortunately, every PC boy with similar interests seems to want to tell me about the game in great detail.

I'll be waiting, having little other option. If the delay starts to bother you too much, do what I do- don't think of the PC people as blessed for getting games sooner than we do. Think of them as millions of playtesters, ensuring that what reaches us is a better product. Or hurt them. I find that helps, too.

Anthony, and no other

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Archives  Features  Mac Hall: One Way To Kill a Geek