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Mac Hall: Jedi Style
June 14, 2002 | IMG Staff

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I'm kind of excited. I really can't help it.

I love Star Wars. This isn't exactly a grand confession; among geeks it's a fairly common trait. So even if sources I trust hadn't reported that Jedi Knight II was a good game, I'd be anticipating it. I was there for Dark Forces way back when, and I'm pumped to go back. I could point out some of Outcast's salient points as evidence of its quality, but you and I both know it's just because lightsabers are cool.

For all of you taking notes, there are two relevant facts to be had here: Firstly, Jedi Knight II is coming. Secondly, putting a twisted little man in a bag on your back is a vital part of all Jedi training.

- Anthony, and no other

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