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Ask MacPlay - Volume 3
May 21, 2002 | Tuncer Deniz

In October 2000, the venerable MacPlay brand was brought back from the dead, thanks to former Ritual Entertainment CEO Ron Dimant. The blockbuster deal gave Dimant the rights to use the MacPlay name as well as port five Interplay titles to the Mac. MacPlay was indeed back. Since then the company has been busy releasing such highly anticipated titles as Baldur's Gate II, Giants, and Aliens vs Predator.

In cooperation with MacPlay, "Ask MacPlay" is a feature where you can send your very own questions and get them answered by the folks at MacPlay. Henry Price from MacPlay was kind enough to answer the barrage of questions from IMG readers.

Question: What are the requirements (like graphics card and processor speed) likely to be for Aliens vs Predator 2? And when will it ship? - Rory Thain

Answer: At this time we are not far enough along with the conversion to give you a solid answer on the system requirements. Unfortunately, defining system requirements is quite difficult before a product reaches beta so any answer at this point would be pure speculation. AVP2 is expected to ship later this summer.

Question: Are you planning to port the new expansion for AvP2? - James Shoop

Answer: We have to make sure that it coincides with our current development schedule on AVP2. At this point, we have not determined whether or not MacPlay will pursue the expansion pack, but it would be a natural extension of our product offering under the Aliens versus Predator franchise.

Question: When was the last progress made regarding Fighter Squadron and when will it finally ship? - Ingmar Wenz

Answer: We have decided to halt development on Fighter Squadron. We reached this decision for many reasons, the most significant being the difficulty with porting the original code and the amount of time it has taken to finish the product. We know that this decision is disappointing but the good news is that it will allow us to free up internal resources, which will result in the release of more current titles.

Question: I am currently enjoying Icewind Dale, although it's quite a shock to go from slaying demons and dragons in Baldur's Gate II to having your arse handed to you by a few measly orcs. It would be great to continue using those characters in the Throne of Bhaal expansion. Are there plans for porting it? - Micah Johnson

Answer: I am very happy that you are enjoying Icewind Dale, it's a great game. I agree that Throne of Bhaal would be a great addition to our current line of products. Please stay tuned for future product announcements from MacPlay...we have a huge line-up scheduled for the second half of the year.

Question: Will Giants be updated to take advantage of FSAA and fix nagging issues such as the slow mouse bug brought on by OS 10.1.3? - Adam Allen

Answer: With the upcoming release of Jaguar, many more advanced graphical features will be made possible. We are evaluating what graphical updates we can reasonably implement in a Giants patch.

Question: Since the port of Europa Universalis (by Tribsoft?) seems to not be happening, is there any chance MacPlay could pick up either Europa Universalis I or II as a port? - Eric Schell

Answer: At this time. we do not plan to license Europa Universalis. However, your comments and requests help us immensely in our decision making process, so please continue to send them to MacPlay.

Question: Any chance MacPlay will port Dungeon Siege, the recently released sure-fire hit from Microsoft?

Answer: No, we do not have plans to release Dungeon Siege. This question may be more appropriate for one of the other Macintosh publishers.


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