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Mac Hall: Digital Blue Pill
March 15, 2002 | IMG Staff

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You probably know where I'm coming from on this unpleasant 'obsolescence' business. Unless you live in some magical world where computers rain from the sky - or spring full- grown from your father's wallet- you've wanted more machine than the budget allowed.

Let's see a show of hands for the poor bastards who bought their beige G3s two weeks before the blue-and-whites were released. For everyone who still uses serial ports and SCSI, for everyone who had to get a new video card in order to play games that aren't even new, I'm with you. We have to stick together here on the low end of the technology curve. At least until we scrape together the cash for our new systems, and then we can go back to pretending we don't know each other.

-Anthony, and no other

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Archives  Features  Mac Hall: Digital Blue Pill