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Ask MacPlay - Volume 2
February 13, 2002 | Tuncer Deniz

In October 2000, the venerable MacPlay brand was brought back from the dead, thanks to former Ritual Entertainment CEO Ron Dimant. The blockbuster deal gave Dimant the rights to use the MacPlay name as well as port five Interplay titles to the Mac. MacPlay was indeed back. Since then the company has been busy releasing such highly anticipated titles as Baldur's Gate II, Giants, and Aliens vs Predator.

In cooperation with MacPlay, "Ask MacPlay" is a feature where you can send your very own questions and get them answered by the folks at MacPlay. Henry Price from MacPlay was kind enough to answer the barrage of questions from IMG readers.

Question: Alright, I have a tough question for Macplay. When are fighter Squadron and Starfleet Command 2 going to come out. One web retailer I recently looked at says says December 11th for Starfleet Command 2. your own web site doesn't offer a specific date. So I decided to go straight to the Horse's mouth (so to speak)? - Jose Reynoso

Answer: Both titles are scheduled to release in Q2. Probably around late May early June.

Question: What happened to MumboJumbo? What was MacPlay's relationship with them? Does MacPlay have a relationship with Contraband Entertainment? Who's working on what port? - Chainsaw

Answer: Macplay is a subsidiary of United Developers. United Developers also owns Mumbo Jumbo, Barking Lizards, and Inertia. Each development company has itís specialty and each is itís own company. From a business standpoint it did not make sense for us to have a development team in California when the corporate headquarters for the company are based in Texas. Mumbo Jumbo just simply moved to Texas.

We are very excited for the guyís at Contraband; we wish only the best for Bill and his partners. Contraband is a very important partner for MacPlay and we plan on a very long relationship.

Question: Is there another patch in the works to fix AvP's many annoying problems, which include bugs playing on MAC OX 10.1.1, where the screen image changes to 1/2 size when you get to a new level. Also, net play or web multiplayer gaming through GameRanger is a joke, is there a MAC OS 10.1.1 server able to handle the game when played on 10.1.1? - BERT

Answer: The newest Patch version 1.0.4 can be found on our web site at

Question: Will there be an OSX patch for BGII (and if so, when)? Is Throne of Bhaal coming to Mac (hopefully through MacPlay)? - Caleb Wines

Answer: The latest Patch for the game can be found at

Throne of Bhaal is a natural extension of MacPlayís current product line. However we cannot comment on the status of the product at this time.

Question: Recently, there has been a fuss in the Mac community over e-mails to MacPlay not being answered, shipping mix ups, etc. What were the reasons for these problems and how can we be assured that such things will never occur again? - Chainsaw

Answer: We try to answer every e-mail that comes into our office. Some times maybe not as quickly as some would like and some times because of contractual issues we cannot give a specific answer at the time that we receive an e-mail. I think that you will find that we are more responsive today than in the past. Yes, we had some shipping issues; we have put a lot of time and effort into streamlining our shipping processes. We have worked out all of our internal issues, changed fulfillment houses and have new systems in place to make sure that when you purchase a product from MacPlay you will get what you ordered, and your purchase will be delivered on a timely bases. We want every customer to have a hassle and stress free buying experience.


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